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Lifepath options. More adept powers and spells.
Rules and such / Random quesitons_Combat spells vs. doors ?
« Last post by Tnirb on <01-19-22/0345:40> »
After a fun run last night the players and I got some questions. Only 3rd time we play Shadowrun so got a lot to learn yet. :)

1: So the Streets Shaman tried to blow down a rusty iron door in some sewer beneath Seattle. He used "Powerball" as it is the only Physical spell he got at the moment. The doors rating is sat to 12 - something like a reinforced wooden door+. P. 112, "Breaking Through" Doesn't say anything about spells.
Is it even possible? Guess he needs Damage on net hits to be +6 every time to meet/exceed the struture rating?

2: Spells line of sight (LOS): A player asked if a silhouette behind a curtain is "LOS"?

3: And for AoE spells: Can you aim at a corner of a building to make the AoE hit targets in cover? Or do you need LOS to the AoE-area?
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Edge in 6th Edition
« Last post by Xenon on <01-19-22/0244:09> »
It's not even there to reward good roleplaying or smart ideas, like for example when your characters recovers Willpower when acting according to her nature in Vampire the Masquerade.
There are many things beyond AR/DR that have a potential to reward Edge (even though in a direct confrontation AR/DR compare will probably be one of the main sources). Role playing is explicitly one of them;

SR6 p. 45 Gaining Edge
players can gain Edge through role-playing. Maybe a player does something brilliant, especially funny, or otherwise awesome. If they do, the gamemaster can award them with a bonus point of Edge for the quality play they bring to the table.

But also straight up tactical thinking (like gaining "high ground" on your enemies) or making sure you utilize the environment to your advantage (for example killing lights if your team have access to thermo while your opponents does not) will award Edge;

SR6 p. 118 Environment and Visibility
One character may have better visibility than another, or may have the advantage of the high ground, or have better footing. If one character has clear advantage over their opponent, they gain a point of Edge.

And by thinking ahead and bring the right equipment for the job (bring climbing gear before starting a climb, bring reagents when trying to summon a spirit, etc). And also by having a positive quality that triggers in specific situations.
Honestly for the armor rules I hope they don’t go to adding them to soak as we currently have a few ways to this already and changing it back to a 5th Ed style would probably create a lot more problems than what it is worth.

But I wouldn’t mind a middle ground. Some like if the modified DV does not exceed your armor the damage is always stun. Only when physical damage exceeds armor could it remain physical. Though I still would want this to be only be an optional rule.
Rules and such / Re: 8 edge chase pool?
« Last post by Redwulfe on <01-19-22/0208:37> »
Makes complete sense. When I read your response it suddenly seemed obvious to me. Lol
Oh, I can't wait to see where this goes ... and to talk about it once I get out of NDA territory.

Now CGL just needs to get this released.
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Please Help with TM and Rigging
« Last post by MercilessMing on <01-18-22/1715:00> »
In order to drive a drone you need a Control Rig correct?

Anyone can drive a drone.  You only need a control rig/machine mind to jump into a drone.  There are three ways to control a drone, even though the Rigging chapter only mentions two.

1 - Command.  Give a drone a command and its pilot will do its best to follow your command.  Just add the drone to your PAN.
2 - Remote operation.  This is driving the drone through the matrix action "Control Device".  Remember you don't have to be a hacker to use the matrix!  Only if you want to do illegal stuff.
3 - Jump In.  This is what you need a control rig/machine mind for.

Technically there's a 4th way - physical manual controls on the drone.  Cars are basically drones with a steering wheel.
Alright we know the companion will have 'rules options', so what rules do you think we're likely to see out of this book?  I'm thinking, they better come up with something for Armor cause it's #1 on the annoyances list for a lot of people coming from 5th ed.  Hopefully we see alternate rules from Banshee's matrix FAQ show up as well.

What do you think Catalyst will include here?
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Edge in 6th Edition
« Last post by MercilessMing on <01-18-22/1645:58> »
I didn't want to derail the houserules topic specifically for that, but I was wondering if someone like-minded had good houserules to propose to rework the Edge system?

I do, but none that address your issue of gaining Edge for one thing and using it on another.  When you can't bank edge, a lot of the appeal of the 'spend currency for special moves' system is lost.

One thing I have tried is to remove Edge from AR/DR comparisons.  In my test, it removed a lot of edge from the economy though, so I didn't keep it.  I would only recommend doing it if you have other reliable sources.  People enjoy the game more when they are gaining and spending edge.  Instead of awarding a point of Edge to one side at +-4 AR/DR, award a reroll for every +-2 AR/DR (No rerolling rerolls this way, but the 4-point reroll failures edge action can be taken after these rerolls occur).
You could try combining this with a flat "everybody gets 1 edge every turn if they're in the scene and not suffering status effects" rule to see if that keeps the edge economy moving.  Gaining 1 edge/turn automatically this way will help it feel more like luck, too.
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Ghuizhen Tech from Kechibi Code
« Last post by Hobbes on <01-18-22/1333:58> »
In my 100% totally personal opinion the Ghuizhen tech from Kechibi Code is broken drek and should be ignored.  YMMV.

But RAW, there is no "to hit" roll.  Target(s) roll Body plus Will to resist the effect.  The effect is determined by the weapon used, and the setting or how many charges are spent.  The sidebars on p. 86 and 87 spell it out.

So a Flash Scope will do 10s to a Target, the Target rolls Body plus Will to reduce, and Blinded and Dazed statuses are applied depending on the details. 
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