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Rules and such / Re: [SR6E] Drones and vision enhancements
« Last post by Moloch1066 on <10-22-21/1629:00> »
Quick followup:

Drones have a built-in sensor array with a rating equal to their sensor stat (2 for my drones). If I want to add a sensor to a drone, can I just buy a single (ultrasound ;) ) sensor for Y300, or do I need to pay for a whole new array with a rating of 3 for Y3000?!
Rules and such / Re: [SR6E] Drones and vision enhancements
« Last post by Moloch1066 on <10-22-21/1605:55> »
Thanks, that's what I originally did.  ;D

Not sure if same in SR6, but in SR5 you were typically allowed to take benefit of a mounted weapon's smartgun if you had an implanted smartlink. As as long as you you were remote controlling it in VR mode / being jumped in.

Yeah, I seem to remember something like that too.
Rules and such / Re: [SR6E] Drones and vision enhancements
« Last post by Xenon on <10-22-21/1540:36> »
As to the smartgun question though, I'm not actually sure.  Does a smartgun system even do anything in those cases?
Not sure if same in SR6, but in SR5 you were typically allowed to take benefit of a mounted weapon's smartgun if you had an implanted smartlink. As as long as you you were remote controlling it in VR mode / being jumped in.
Rules and such / Re: [SR6E] Drones and vision enhancements
« Last post by MercilessMing on <10-22-21/1524:29> »
Ultrasounds links and smartlinks are just for overlaying info in your vision.  When you're remote piloting, think of it like you're looking at a screen that gives you the output from your drone/vehicle's sensors.  You don't need that info overlaid and integrated into your vision with a special device because you're operating via a screen, like a video game.  Possibly an AR virtual screen.

As to the smartgun question though, I'm not actually sure.  Does a smartgun system even do anything in those cases?
Rules and such / [SR6E] Drones and vision enhancements
« Last post by Moloch1066 on <10-22-21/1501:47> »
So I have a rigger, and I want to be able to spy in darkness, but I'm a little confused on what upgrades I would need.

These are the circles my mind is going in:
If I have thermographic vision, I assume I wouldn't be able to use it when rigging (remotely, or jumped-in) because that sense is linked to my meat-eyes. If I have cyber-eyes with thermographic enhancements, I still couldn't see thermo, because the drone's sensors aren't picking up that frequency.

But if my drone has a thermographic vision upgrade to its sensor array's camera, I will be able to see thermo when jumped in, but what about when remotely piloting? 
What if I choose ultrasound as one of the sensor functions for my drone's sensor array? Would I need an ultrasound link?

And for that matter, if my drone has a smartgun equipped, who needs to have the smartlink?!

Thanks for any help. I have game tomorrow, and I think I made a mistake when building my character!
Rules and such / Ideas for fixing Foot Chases?
« Last post by MercilessMing on <10-22-21/1154:30> »
So, there are many reasons why foot chases in Double Clutch just don't work.  Clearly, the rules are written for vehicle chases and may not have even been playtested with foot chases.  These are the problems as I see it:

1 - The action economy is totally different. 
In a vehicle chase, there are drivers and passengers.  In a foot chase, everyone is a "driver".  You can't have a running gun battle (something the book suggests as an example) if your runners don't have enough actions to spend on sprinting and shooting.

2 - The edge economy is totally different. 
In a vehicle chase, edge is awarded by having Positional Advantage, having a higher Relevant Attribute, using a VCR, by passenger actions, combat actions, and certain qualities.  In a foot chase, edge is awarded by having Positional Advantage, combat actions (far less opportunity due to problem 1), and certain qualities.

3 - The edge actions are insufficient. 
simply put, in both types of chases, any pursuer who passes their piloting/athletics test can get closer to the chase target.  Vehicle chases have edge actions available only to the chase target that lets them push pursuers away.  No such edge actions are available in foot chases.
The only chase edge actions available to Athletics are Change Environment, Equalizer, Escape!, Focus, and Up the Ante.
Vehicle Pilots can use Bootleg Turn, Evade Pursuit, Hit the Brakes!, Redline, and Tokyo Drift to prevent pursuers from gaining ground.  (Hit the Brakes is redundant btw, it duplicates a function of Bootleg Turn for the same edge cost)

Fix Ideas 
To help fix #1 I would think about changing the mandatory sprint test.  Instead of making someone drop out of the chase if they didn't do the sprint test, I would consider letting them drop back a range category instead.  That way, stopping to make an attack only puts them at risk of losing instead of guaranteeing it.

For #2 I would add a relevant attribute comparison, and look through cyberware, adept powers, and spells to find edge generation candidates.  Hydraulic jacks could give edge in non-open environments.  Surely the Dash adept power is either worth Edge or an auto success on athletics chase tests.  Wall running has got to be a game changer in a chase.  Maybe it would give a discount on edge actions.

For #3, I would open up Bootleg Turn, Evade Pursuit, and Tokyo Drift to Athletics and change the name/flavor.  They seem like core chase functions and I can only imagine they were dropped from Athletics because of their flavor text.

anyone else have ideas on how to fix foot chases, or see other ways they may be broken?
General Discussion / Re: Double Clutch Discussion
« Last post by cantrip on <10-22-21/1129:10> »
From inside the car? Must be distracting to the other passengers...
That would be!  :)
Lucky for them they are working from the outside in......

Keeps it toasty so you don't have to wait for the heater to kick in.

I just want this to happen in my game sometime! ;D
Oh and I’ve updated the file with some of Banshee’s suggestions to hopefully make the file more user friendly. Happy to finesse further, this is a WIP!

Now let’s see what other vehicles people can come up with :D
2nd attempt:

Evo Stormcloud [Hover board]

[H1, A13, I45, Sp115, B2, A2, P1, S1, St1] w. Rigger Interface, Gecko Strip Plate

Bike 3BP
Hover 12BP
Basic Console 3BP
Improved Bod 2 8BP
Decreased Seats -2BP
Decreased Size 2 -8BP
Improved Top Speed 1 5BP

Mass Produced x0.5

Gecko Tips 2 3000 nuyen (this provides the ‘seat’ as the rider is ‘glued’ to the board)
Rigger Interface 1000 nuyen

Total cost 15500 nuyen

Evo Hurricane [Hover board]

As above + secondary VTOL propulsion system would give limited flight time for +18000 nuyen but availability would climb to 7…
General Discussion / Re: Player generated plot
« Last post by MercilessMing on <10-20-21/1741:58> »
I will usually roll with it if it leads to a good story or a run.  I will squirm out of it when it's free money.  Some players enjoy a more sandbox campaign, and start thinking beyond the run that falls in their laps. 

1. They find out that  X is really needed in lets say Toronto. They have contacts in Detroit that have X, everyone is afraid to make the trip AND  don't have the gear to do do. They do.
X is needed in Toronto and they know where to get it; this sounds like a perfect self-started run and I would roll with it.  In fact, you should take credit as the GM for seeding those opportunities, which you totally did on purpose and wasn't at all a dumb coincidence.

2. They find that Corp A has bet a fortune on a presentation of new tech Z, they know the presentation is going to be a disaster, they are short changing the stock AND making sure the disaster  is EPIC.
Shorting the stock of the company they just ran against for a quick, massive payday?  Nope, I will not abide.  This is just one variation on get rich quick schemes that entrepreneuring players could come up with.  Shadowrun is not a nuyen engine building game.  Rewards in my game follow narrative and dramatic rules.  Big payouts for big risks or big moments.  My solution to the stock trading scheme:
      1 - Record how much nuyen is on the bet and which SIN is involved
      2 - Run happens, players go to cash in on their bet
      3 - Have the bank inform the SIN owner that "some irregularities were identified when processing this transaction; these funds are not currently available".  which is nice-speak for "your SIN has been flagged by law enforcement and these assets are frozen". 
      4 - The fallout from that would either be a burned SIN and money lost, or, the seed for another run against the bank to free the cash.
You can do the same thing with underground betting markets.  Whoever runs the betting ring notices the transaction, and either does not honor it, or extracts a price - "You seem to have a kind of prescience for corporate disasters; you'll get your money when you do X Y and Z for me".
3. They found that the info from project K they found during a run, would be MUCH more valuable if they happened to use it themselves  to make product V that they know where to get the equipment to make.
another nuyen engine building situation.  Other RPGs that feature crafting run into this problem too.  If your players can make more money crafting cyberware or enchanting potions, are they done running the shadows?  I sometimes allow this, if it's a one time thing and it leads into a run - for example, the equipment to make the product has to be procured from a suitably high risk place, and can only be used once.  If the players are looking for a repeatable production situation, and you don't want to do that, you just have to talk to your players about the kind of game you want to play - a game about shadowruns, not a business tycoon simulator. 
In game, you can squash repeat productions by saying the equipment only has enough ingredient X for one use, but more could be procured on the black market.  Of course, the owners of project K are on the lookout for people asking about ingredient X, and set a trap for the runners.  Should they survive, they should get the idea that this path carries considerable risk.
If you and your players DO want to play a campaign about building a little criminal empire, I'd suggest trying to adapt the ideas in Blades in the Dark to a Shadowrun campaign.  For that to work, you need to have concepts like rival gangs and factions in play that can threaten the players' holdings.

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