Will this character work?

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Are you kidding me? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of RP? In my mind RPing is about finding solutions for problems with the limited resources at hand.

Yeah, it depends. My wife RPs to roll dice and kill Monsters. Finding solutions for problems is fine and dandy, as long as the Monster explodes into tiny bits.
Lucky man, I couldn't get my GF to RP if my live depended on it! She likes manual dexterity games. Since If have the manual dexterity of a dung beetle that ain't going to happen much :D
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« Reply #16 on: <11-15-10/2025:15> »
A few things I would change (if it match with your idea)

Will 2 : I think it's a bit low for character concept but you probably have a rp idea that come with it.

Gear :
I would encourage a lvl 4 sin with a couple of licences (easier to find information in security area if you feel safe)
Reduce weapon cost, with a low life style you probably buy ammo only when needed for example (and it's easy to find, especially for a social character and even more with a specialized contact)
What about a commlink, os and softwares ?
And glasses, ear-buds, ar gloves etc. with useful enhancement like night vision.
A medium lifestyle come with free everyday life gear and clothes and it really can make the difference for social characters who need to dive in middle class people. And your expensive car have less chance to disappear :D.
Hardliner gloves are really nice for your close combat style (fo/2+1P) for only 100 nuyens and look like simple gloves. (5P damage without obvious weapon is nice ;))

I prefer a lvl 1 bioware synaptic booster than wired reflexes lvl 2. No problem with cyberware detectors :) but it's a hard choice. If you go this way you can use drugs or edge when needed.

I would increase perception (or int but no more points available ^_^) because I think it's more important than dodge for example (you'll use dodge only in full defence against ranged weapon but if you manage to use your infiltration skills and spot enemy before he does...)

You can learn 2 manoeuvres with martial art, check that, you may find something interesting (it need time and teacher to learn that in game and I think it match your concept)

For contacts, if you don't have written story with them I suggest a fake sin dealer or a street doctor to replace the Johnson, you already have a fixer.

For knowledge skills, a security system skill would be great (useful with infiltration and tech skill groups). And why not a firearms knowledge skill if you like customised firearms.

You will probably find bad traits that match your character to gain a few points, nice "story makers" traits in synergy with amnesia for example.

I like skills oriented characters so I wish you good runs ;)
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Can I do a structural analysis ?
(I have only one dice in English :p)


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« Reply #17 on: <11-21-10/0258:57> »
Your character's native language doesn't have a rating; it is simply notated "N", and you don't have to buy it.  You might want to reconsider having all of those languages at such a low rating - language skill caps your effective social skills, so a bit fewer languages at a higher rating would work better for someone with the Influence group at 4.

I don't see any glaring weaknesses.  Obviously not min-maxed, but not gimped, either.  He is decent enough at social and infiltration roles, although he should try not to be a front-line combatant despite his extra initiative passes.