Jake The Super Mundane Rigger

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« on: <10-27-10/0656:14> »
This came out of the other Mundane thread. Its not a concept that would work everywhere but it could be fun. The character is basically a rich brat, famous for being famous and the child of a high level corporate exec. . . by day. By night he's Jake The Super Mundane Rigger (who clearly needs a better street name).
Right now I'm at the following:
All physical attributes at 2.

Positive Qualities:
Priveleged Family Name 5
High Lifestyle Trust Fund 20
National Fame 10

Negative Qualities:
Day Job -10 (public appearances on the talk show circuit etc)
Low Pain Tolerance -10
SINner -5
Records on File -10 (Dad knows what he's been up to and keeps good records in case his corp needs a favor)

The fixer who gets him runner jobs. Loyalty 2, Connection 5
Dad, Loyalty 6, Connection 5

(I know I need some socials for handling dad and the press, just haven't gotten to it yet)
Electronics Group 4
Pilot Anthroform 5
Pilot Aircraft and Groundcraft 3
Perception 4
Electronic Warfare 5
Navigation 3
Gunnery and dodge 2

His primary drone is a Renraku Manservant with Mimic, Touch Sensors and Pimped Ride 2. He may not always pass for a real person when he's jumped in, but he can at least pass for a physically unimpressive full cyborg. It will wear armor, carry guns etc. Its 10,500 in current configuration. So if he really wanted to, Jake could get a new body every month. This is how he gets away with his dual life, although he's not doing such a great job of it. As far as his runner team is concerned this is him. Skills vs money will determine if he stays jumped in for combat or jumps out and just gives the Manservant orders.

I'm tinkering to try and find a good drone to be a retrans unit (with a sat link) to keep in touch with the Manservant at all times. I suppose I could drop Pimped Ride for Satellite Communication but that's not as fun. Right now I'm leaning towards a modified Ferret. The number of upgrade slots would make it the perfect utility and sensor package while being small enough to disguise as something innocuous. I'm also debating an MCT Tower to be the retrans and sensor platform since it can fly high and out of the way and has at least some defense with HK minidrones.

Right now if I take the max 50BP worth of cash to trick out drones with I have 13 left to spend on other things.

I found the table for raising Signal and Response. Is there a similar table for Firewall and System or do you just have to buy a stock OS for the drone?
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« Reply #1 on: <10-29-10/0303:51> »
I like him If I were you I would go with Tower mostly because it can fly. Also I would say take a firearm skill of some kind probably pistols.
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Yeah, the sheer complexity of working out any drones but the face-drone has pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks. The Tower will probably be sensor heavy but everything will need a good signal if the Tower is the hub drone. Then there's Encryption, ECCM, autosofts etc. He'll never be as good as a cybered Rigger but with good enough hardware and software he can command a good number of fairly competent drones and keep living his dual life.


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My suggestion drone wise will be a heavily moified bust a move drone, it will cost a packet but can be very handy to infiltrate and use as a signal extender (just be being somewhere it can route your signal and comes with a signal three out the box giving 400m range)

Small target (harder to spot and shoot if using the optional combat rules from arsenal)
give it a ruth coating to make it even harder to spot
geko tips for the ability to climb walls and move accross above people in rooms (I mean it who looks up when inside normally)
Sensor upgrade to R6 (you need this on all drones)
Response upgrade to 6 (again you need this on all drones)
Firewall upgrade to 6 (You get the idea)

No real combat use but from a infiltration point of view you can do some pretty good stuff
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« Reply #4 on: <10-29-10/1739:05> »
Got to say, I'm developing a real love of the Ferret. 10 mod slots on a minidrone is insanely useful. I could add arms and walker mode and it'd still have more room to upgrade than a Busta Move. Either way, making the signal booster super sneaky sounds like a good plan.