Character Introduction: Simon Foster, (need street name)

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Simon Foster is the son of David and June Foster. His father being a mechanic and engineer extraordinaire, Simon inherited his father's gift with repairing and driving cars. He also had some limited experience with boats, and a rare few occasions where he's piloted aircraft, and while he's gifted with being able to pilot almost anything, he does better with wheeled vehicles.

His mother was an English teacher, and taught him much about literature and poetry, as well as history.

Simon's parents were both killed in one of the lightning storms that were frequent in 2061. With no home and nowhere else to go, Simon managed to get a job with a small company that specialized in VIP transportation and protection. Even at a young age, he showed excellence in driving his charges from point A to point B, and getting them there in one piece, despite any hostile resistance.

As part of his training with the VIP Transport Firm, Simon received some training with pistols and small automatic weapons, and some limited unarmed combat training.

"But Jeeves!" you ask "That's all fine and dandy, but what makes the character interesting?"

Ah, dear reader, what makes him interesting is what happened after he graduated from the training for the VIP Transport Firm.

Foster did his job, and he did it well, and managed to impress his employer enough to be trusted as his daughter Rosie's personal chauffeur. Tasked with transporting and protecting her at all costs. Foster did this with no question. However, when Foster and Rosie fell in love and started a secret relationship (because nobody is good enough for papa's precious technomancer daughter, according to dear ol' dad).

Rosie's father eventually found out, and, enraged, hired a runner team to do several things to ensure that Foster was wiped from the face of the earth. All of Foster's friends were threatened or bribed into ever contacting or responding to him again. The runner team was then sent to assassinate Foster.

Rosie wasn't supposed to be in Foster's car that day, but she didn't care, because Simon had just proposed and she didn't want to leave his side. The runners, not knowing she was in the car, opened fire once they'd recognized Simon behind the driver's seat. In the chaos and carnage, Simon was shot several times, as was Rosie. When simon passed out from his injuries, Rosie desperately did everything she could to program the car to get them to the hospital. Simon managed to survive with proper medical treatment. Rosie was dead on arrival.

So, Simon is basically on a quest for revenge. He want's to hunt down Rosie's father and make him pay. Because of his injuries, Foster was forced to get his lower arm and lower leg on the right side replaced. He also got a cybertorso. Once out of the hospital, Foster fled. He took the car that saved his life, and went to Seattle, where Rosie's father lives. Over the course of a couple years, he made enough nuyen to get some better implants, and made some modifications to the car.

Foster honestly believes that somehow, part of Rosie's soul lives on in the personality software in his car. He's heard of E-ghosts, and when the car started speaking like Rosie, he became convinced it was her. He's absolutely protective of the car, and would put it above his own life in importance.

So, what do you think a fitting street name for Foster would be?


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  • Kids these days...
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V (for Vengeance)
Thorn (in answer to Rosie)
Ill Will
I4NI (say it out loud)
Mal (short for malevolence)



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Thorn (in answer to Rosie)

This one.  That way everyone will know WHY they are getting their skull caved in.  After all, every rose has its Thorn.