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Mission Review: SRM 03-12 Elevator Ride To Hell ***Spoilers Possible***

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The Masked Ferret:
Please note - I was running this at Dragon*Con based on a file named 'SRM 03-12 Elevator Ride to Hell v0.3.rtf'. I don't know if there are newer or improved versions.

* There was supposed to be an affiliation betrayal table, based on Public Awareness. None was in the module, just red text saying the table should be there.
* Scene 1: One of the most hated and reviled railroading scenes I have ever seen. What possible could explain how a table full of prime runners with magic users and gas masks will even get into a rickety elevator as a group, including the rigger.
* Scene 3: Its listed as a 'Tough Fight', but the NeoAs listed aren't even a challenge at a higher table rating, especially if you have magic users and adepts along. I will admit, I could be running them wrong, but if they never get to shoot, they aren't doing much good.
* Scene 4: I cannot tell you how easy it is for a well designed face to get through this section. At Prime, I have seen a face pull out 12-16 successes on a negotiation check (edge).
Things I appreciated:
The Maxwell Smart reference.
The run didn't take an excessive amount of time.

I have also heard there was an issue over the hazzard pay?

I also ran this one at D*Con. The beginning portion was indeed universally hated,  especially since most of the group had chemical seals in there gear, and never would have been caught dead in the scripted beginning.
The betrayal table was indeed missing, but hardl seemed to matter as its something the PC's wouldnt ever notice.  
This mission however was not the one with the missing hazard pay (and karma payout) that was CMP04 Humanitarian Aid, and boy did it ever need hazzard pay.


The Masked Ferret:
Didn't run or play that one. If there had been a more believable beginning, the hellelevator ride might have been a good one. Most people can't get past the beginning.

An yet they used it again after the out cry to an earlier Mission that did the same sorta thing oh well.


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