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Gangs of the Undercity


Hey, have you all seen this? Not gonna lie, it is a company formed by me, but since no other cyberpunk/fantasy skirmish game has materialized, this may scratch some itches. /

"Welcome to Fragging Unicorns Games! While we have RPGs and Card games on the horizon, our current project is "Gangs of the Undercity," a minis skirmish game where you can create your gang of cyberpunk fantasy outcasts and battle your friends with gorgeous minis. Here's a peak!"

Michael Chandra:
Between this and Takedown, 2020 will be an awesome year! 8)

Noice!  ;)

I'll keep an eye on this - keep us posted - looks very interesting!

Looks very promsing - do you have any updates by now?

Would love to try it  8)

Michael Chandra:
It's currently midway its Kickstarter.

Almost $54k so far, of a $12k goal. They unlocked quite a few possible add-ons already.


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