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Title: 6E magic foci
Post by: Alrician on <10-30-20/0354:17>
What limits the level of a focus in the 6th edition, apart from the resources to be used? I'm currently planning an Elite HTR each for Atzechnoloy and Ares and I'm wondering what their magicians might have for foci. So what is maximally possible and what makes sense under economic consideration.
Title: Re: 6E magic foci
Post by: Michael Chandra on <10-30-20/0459:15>
The limits are still the same: Can't bind more Foci than your Magic, and can't have more than Magicx5 Force total bound.

What makes sense would be a Power Focus (which boosts both multiple spelltypes and multiple spirittypes, making it worth the cost for a HTR team), one or two Sustaining Foci for buffspells, perhaps a Centering focus to let them cast more powerful spells in combat. Strangely enough there's no Shielding Focus, maybe that's a deliberate nerf because of how Boosted Defense was changed.
Title: Re: 6E magic foci
Post by: Alrician on <10-30-20/0517:52>
I'm not that familiar with shadowrun magic yet. What is usually considered as a powerful power focus? 6? 8? 20?
Title: Re: 6E magic foci
Post by: Michael Chandra on <10-30-20/0526:21>
For anything other than Sustaining Foci (which have to be quite strong in Sixth World for strong buffs, due to them being nerfed since the previous edition), 4 is already real powerful. With a Power Focus especially so. Honestly I'd expect more like force 3 for Elite HTR for a Power Focus, 4 at best.