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Quote from: Finstersang
Thereīs only two differences to AM:
The Edge is exclusive to the test. Hurra ::)
Is that in the German edition?  I don't see an exclusion in the English version.

Why am I not surprised? ::)

Itīs crazy how anyone could consider this stinker as some kind of fix to AM or even the to the deeper problems of this edition. Itīs everything thatīs wrong with it, condensed into one paragraph.

This not just another undercosted autoinclude quality. Itīs also yet another "meaning sink", meaning that it steamrolls and negates stuff thatīs supposed to matter and differentiate things. Yes, on a very shallow level, it may look like a good idea to add sucheasy-to-trigger Edge generators, because this Edition is supposedly all about Edge and more Edge = more fun for the players. But since we still have that clown-ass Edge limit of 2 Edge per round (btw: props to the idea of adding a separate Edge "overflow" pool in the chase rules!), adding a perk that reliably triggers for 1-2 Edge each round means that nothing else matters any. If you play a streetsam with two Attacks and Attribute Master (Agility), you will reliably "max out" every turn. Quirky qualities and niche gear that adds Edge in specific situation and actually reward the playerīs creativity? Pointless.

You doesnīt even need that additional "unless you have earned Edge from AR/DR" clause for that to happen, but it adds insult to injury that itīs specifically spelled out. Again, the AR/DR mechanic is supposed to summarize the effects of:
  • Weapon ranges
  • Firing modes and Recoil
  • Strength in melee
  • Armor and (partially) cover
  • Pretty much 80% of all the fancy stuff added in Firing Line

And all of this goes down the shitter, because apparently, the only way to fix Analytical Mind was to add a quality for all the other Attributes as well. We did it Patrick, we saved Shadowrun.