Virtual Seattle Missions: "A Matter of Reputation"

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« on: <08-17-20/1123:25> »
Does anyone know where to find "A Matter of Reputation?" It was the very first Virtual Seattle mission ever written. It was made by Ronald Heintz and Margaret van Poelgeest-Heintz in 1993. A run in "Artifacts Unbound" was published in 4E under the same title, but it was a different run and different authors.

I've already combed through a few archives of Virtual Seattle runs: A lot of them were preserved via fan dropboxes, but I haven't found this one. From what I could tell, the Virtual Seattle missions were freely distributed to GMs, so there shouldn't (?) be any copyright or NDA issues lingering from way back when.

It doesn't look like the Heintz's ever worked directly with FASA, only on Virtual Seattle. I have it on good authority that the Virtual Seattle docs were lost sometime during the transition of FASA-> WizKids -> FanPro, so I doubt anyone at CGL has them. The authors did have a mailing address on one of the runs, so I sent a letter, but it's a long shot that they're still at the same place 25 years later. (Not to mention the unreliability of sending a letter from USA to Canada during COVID-times).

If anyone has a copy of this run, or knows how to contact someone who does, please let me know.