character creation for GenCon [?]

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« on: <07-07-20/1132:10> »
Hey guys

I just put a game from gencon online in my wishlist.

where can I find the character creation SRM rules?


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« Reply #1 on: <07-07-20/1319:51> »
A SRM FAQ for 6e is just about ready for publication.  It should be "any day now", I believe.

Generally the goal is only things that are hard/impossible to deal with in a shared, organized campaign would be changed or banned... leaving as much of the CRB open for character generation as possible.

Rough guidelines I'd recommend:

If there's a question, take the conservative route.  For example, if you wonder whether buying spells with karma and/or initiating will be legal in chargen, it'll be better to presume the conservative answer of "Step four is when you spend karma, and it doesn't permit spending karma on those, so: No".

Of course you could always just do whatever you like as well, and then go back and re-do anything as needed once the FAQ is available.
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