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I was wondering if you need to roll for legal matrix actions like edit file. Do I as the owner of a file need to roll to read and edit it? If I give someone a mark on that file, do they have to roll? If not why do hackers with a mark on the file need to roll?

Are there rules to place a mark on a file? I see only rules for getting marks on a host or device.

What about other legal actions where somebody has the number of required marks?

How is it handled for normal workers on a host? How do they edit files they don't own? How can they get files out of an archive?

Michael Chandra:
Even with a hacked Mark, there's still something illegal about what you're doing. That unnatural thing is what causes the resisted roll. Legals got no problem whatsoever.

Owners can give others real Marks, and when a worker logs in, the Host gives them their default Marks.

So there is a difference between marks gained from hacking and marks gained from the owner? What if a Technomancer used puppeteer to force a device to give them a mark. Would that count as a legal mark?

Well most people rule that Puppeteer can't be used that way, the intent of that form is to mirror control device which lets you command a device to perform an action it is able to take on it's own, giving a mark is not performed by the device .. but by the owner.

If ... you're playing in a game that goes against that ruling then at the very least it would still be an illegal mark since it is not gained through "proper" channels

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
I like to think of the matrix rules as applying solely to illegal hacking.  In my view, legit use (like, for example, making a comcall) are no-roll actions.


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