Internal Divisions

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« on: <09-04-15/0950:46> »
We know from the maps the old US State breakdowns and presuming they where kept in the UCAS and CAS, but what are the internal boundaries of the NAN States?

It would make little sense for the NAN to have kept the old US boundaries, esp considering the state line breaks, but has anything been said on what replaced them?

I seem to remember the old 3rd Ed NAN book (or Neo-Anarchists?) said that a lot of the old highways existed, but the old US 'small towns' where ruins or gone. So what is out there now?


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« Reply #1 on: <09-04-15/1435:22> »
IIRC, rather than  states, teh NAN have tribal areas, but there've never been any borders tossed down in a book. Shame, that.

Also, curious about the map you have! German, obviously, but missing a new tweak or two...