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Title: Pax agenda
Post by: Lighthouse on <08-15-15/1602:11>
I am going to run Lockdown and am tyring to figure out What Pax agenda is. Is there an arcology in Boston? It would be interesting if Pax wanted to free Deus because she wanted to take over another arcology and start the scenario from shutdown all over again. What do you think? I think it would be fun to have my PC's go "un huh I'm not going in there..."
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: CitizenJoe on <08-15-15/1646:12>
I think the infected dragon wrecked the arcology in Boston.  That's not to say there isn't more than one.
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: The Wyrm Ouroboros on <08-17-15/0533:05>
Pax wants to start a worldwide witch hunt for AIs.  If that tears up CFD sufferers, E-Ghosts, etc., too bad - collateral damage.

And while there is a global AAA megacorporate HQ in Boston (NeoNET) and several significant corporate structures (Aztechnology, and I vaguely remember ... Wuxing?), there is no 'arcology' in the SCIRE / ACHE sense.
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: Lighthouse on <08-17-15/1200:39>
What is she up to during the quarantine?
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: The Wyrm Ouroboros on <08-17-15/1215:27>
Typical BeeGees stuff.  You know - Stayin' Alive.
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: PiXeL01 on <08-17-15/1858:54>
Making Dissonance Pools, promoting matrix anarchy, setting the corps against each other so the matrix falls again.  Killing shadowrunners. Using people. And more
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: Sendaz on <08-17-15/1957:06>
So.... Must be Tuesday
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: Mirikon on <08-18-15/1228:32>
So.... Must be Tuesday

But seriously, Pax's agenda is only hard to see if you're either A) in the thick of things on the ground, or B) don't know of Pax's history or involvement with the situation. She never got the chance to truly tear down a hated foe, her plans to spread the Dissonance through the ashes of the Matrix with Jormungand fell short, and she's a psychotic bitch who would do anything to achieve her goals and has zero qualms about burning the world to get them.

From what I can see, there are three main goals on Pax's agenda:

1) Deus. Pax may have 'killed' him with Jormungand during the Crash, but that's not enough for her. Bullet to the brainpan isn't the slow, torturous dissection she really wants. She wants Deus to suffer. Her 'issues' with other AIs are merely an extension of her hatred of Deus for his betrayal. So she brought Deus back so she can kill him slow, and throw blame on everything that comes later on his head.

2) Dissonance. Pax is a Dissonant technomancer, which is basically the TM version of a Toxic Shaman. Spreading the Dissonance and eliminating anyone and anything that gets in her way is a core part of her insanity, and has been since she was a Fading Otaku, desperately trying to hold on to her powers.

3) Addiction. Pax spent over a year in the UV sections of the SCIRE's host. She is an addict to that hyperstimulation, and so she'll do anything to get access to hosts of that level (which is likely how she ended up working for the megas, anyways). Turning Boston into her dystopian playground, and using her minions to create Dissonance pools may help her take over the hosts of the megas in Boston, especially NeoNET.

Remember, though, that while Pax is a crazy bitch, she isn't the 'talking to flying squirrels' or 'tin foil helmet' kind of crazy. She's Hannibal Lector. Cold, cunning, and dangerous as all hell.
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: Moonshine Fox on <08-18-15/1537:17>
So.... Must be Tuesday

Yes, this!
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: Beta on <08-21-15/1550:37>
In a lot of ways I think Pax is driven not by a logical agenda that you could write out as a mission statement, but much more by an emotional agenda that could also be viewed as a jumble of pathologies.  A mix of hatred of Deus in particular even though it is 'dead,' broader loathing for AIs, a need to mess with people and to prove that she is more clever, a desire to run down people who are hyped up about AI and the like, and probably an addiction to dissonance.  Whatever comes along that will feed one of those needs strongly and the rest a little bit probably has a good chance to catch her attention.
Title: Re: Pax agenda
Post by: The Wyrm Ouroboros on <08-22-15/0300:48>
She was, from the very beginning, also held a strong antipathy for people who were exceedingly hypocritical, with public and virulent anti-tech agendas, but who excessively ab/used tech in private.  The original example was a guy in Atlanta who was a 'rein back the Matrix, no simsense' but who was a CalHot / BTL user.  IIRC, she slipped a black chip into his deck that not only killed him, but recorded the experience.