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Tony the Vah Shir

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Usda Beph:
So I'm making an Ork Changling. I have a concept of basing him off of the Vah Shir Berserker from Champions Return to Arms.

Here he is in stats so far.
Ork (-20)

Agi:5 (9)Muscle Toner 4
Str:7 (9) Muscle Aug 2
Ess 5.52

Changling III Qualities
Camo Fur (-5)
Fangs (-5)
Keen Ears (-5)
Retractable Claws (-10)
Balancing Tail (-5)

Extravagant Eyes (5) Tiger eyes duh!)
Nocturnal (10)

Qualities Pos
Changling (-15)
Catlike (-10)
Restricted Gear (Muscle toner)(-5)

Hung out to dry (10)

Skills               AA   Ranks  DP
Dodge             3       3      6
Gymnastics       9       2     11
Infiltrate           9      4     13 (+1 rank for Catlike)
Intimidate        3       3      6
Prrrrrrception    3       3     6(7 For keen ears)
Pistols              9       2    11
Shadowing       3       4    8 (+1 rank for Catlike)
Tracking          3       4     7
Unarmed Com  9       6     17(Spec)

Knowledge skills
Stealth            3      2     5
Urban Brawl     3      2     5
Intimidation     3      2     5
Espionage       3       2     5
Un/Combat     3       6    9

English N
Niger-Kord       3      2     5

Lined Coat 6/4 + Non Conductive

Ruger Super Warhawk (x2) D6P AP-2 SS 6Shot (5 speed loaders, Laser sight, QD Holster for each)

Claws R0 D 7P
Bite R-1 D6P

That's as far as I got. I was thinking of going with him being Nigerian But I can scrub that for him coming from like LA, Toledo, or Detroit, Yeah for the Zoos ::)

SO is there anything I might have flubbed that I am unaware of? Also, Thanks!

I /love/ your perception skill.. :)

For background points, most changelings have no chance at a normal life because they are too freakish. The best they can hope for most times is prostitution for those that like the exotic, porn, begging, snuff films (either as predator or prey) or as runners.

I wouldn't be too worried about intimidate.. you already enjoy a +3 for being a freak so now your intimidate is a 9 dice. But you suffer socially by that same 3 unless your trying to scare someone witless. (-3 on influence group skills, but +3 on intimidate)

Usda Beph:
True unless it effected a large amount of Metas. I am thinking of having Tony come from Kenya or Nigeria. Former SpecOps (Green Berret/SEAL). Tell me there isn't a place for someone like this in those elite few. Or a second story "CAT"burgler. Bar room bouncer, Yakuza Enforcer, Red Samuri?

Oh good lord Name Change! Welsh... can you guess who I'm going to name him after! A dark Samuri?

Note that for shadowing, it is linked to Intuition, not Agility.

I am assuming a specialization for his unarmed skill that is not listed?

His 'ware isn't listed, so I can't say much there.

You have unarmed to block with, and gymnastics for ranged full defense.  You really don't need dodge that much.

The problem is with spec ops teams is that they're teams, not individuals. So having a big cat like that as part of spec ops makes things harder, not easier.

You have the freak factor that can affect even your team mates, blending in and 'going to ground' in enemy lines is just not an option for you, and most spec ops teams work at a range or through stealth. The latter you can do, but wouldn't be as flexible since they most often use longarms, not pistols.

Is it still possible? yes. Is it more difficult? yes. So it's really your option but you have to expect a little prejudice against you there. Now.. if you were working with a whole team of cat shifters, totally different story, though a team like that you won't find in too many places and it would restrict your background options even more.


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