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I have nobody to play with (sniffle)

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hazmat the monstar:
I wish I could say I was a new player, with a new group of players that needed advice. This is not the case. I am an old school shadowrun fan, who can't get anybody off their video games long enough to even hear what the game's about. And the shadowrun on xbox was terrible, so video gamers learned nothing of shadowrun from that. People think it's stupid, or nerdy to play a tabletop rpg. But I think it's the other way around. People these days are scared to read, or think!!! I wish i could get to one of those conventions someday. But I'm stuck in a small northern california town, and nobody seems to be from near me in these forums. So... I don't know. I own every shadowrun book made, and can't play. harumph! O well. That's my rant. Somebody respond to make me feel better....

Buck up, Hazmat! I'm sure there's some runners out there. And if not, keep checking back for PbP games here!

hazmat the monstar:
Thanks Jack!!! That helps. I will check that out when i get a 'trix connection at my doss. I'm on at the college right now.

I'm in a similar situation. Have you tried ? Thats how I found my D&D group in Eugene.

Keep the faith, brother. You'll find someone to play with.

For the time being, if you are desperate enough to play, PbP (Play by Posts) can keep you from going nuts for a little while.

Also, have a smiley. Here:  :D
Don't spend it all in one place.

Yeah, I feel your pain.  The two games run near me imploded and now the players want nothing to do with one another.  I ended up having to find a group to play with online.


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