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Kylar Ex Ganger Adept of the Silent Way (low level game)


With any luck in the next week or so my Ganger level game is going to be up and running so I'm putting up my current V2 of Kylar to see what people make of him.

General notes,

This is a 300bp Or 600 Karma game (note for the Karma side its higher cost for attributes but no cost for metatypes, the reason of this is that the attributes have been raised in the SR4A book but the metatypes thing has not been made official in the english prints)
Additional house rules to be taken into consideration is free levels in perception equal to Intuition.
One special house rule for the game has been no surge at character gen but you can take a latent surger (like latent awakening) to add something later on if it looks like fun and fits with the game.
And avaliability is down to 8 at gen

Other then that its pretty raw.

Kylar, Elf (600 Karma)

Ex Ganger with the Redmond Redbacks who wanted more then just the odd score of booze and a place to keep out of the acid rain. After pursading a ex runner to teach him how to fight and survive better then his gangmates he moves away from low level hooding and is ready to start making some real money.

Body 4 - 45Karma
Agility 5 - 60 Karma
Reaction 4 (5) - 45 Karma
Strength 3 - 25 Karma
Charisma 3 - 0 Karma
Intuition 3 - 25 Karma
logic 3 - 25 Karma
Willpower 3 - 25 Karma

Edge 2 - 10 Karma
Magic 4 - 45 Karma
Initiative / IPS 8 / 2

Karma Total Stats = 305

Adept - 10 Karma
Bilingual - 10 Karma
Latent Surger - 10 Karma
Martial Artist (Ninjitsu) - Bonus to infiltration and manuvers of Off hand training and Finishing move - 18 Karma

Addiction (mild) to Betel - -10 Karma
Sensitive Ststem - - 30 Karma
Sinner (Horizen held sin from when he apperared as a contestent on a short lived combat reality show) - -10 Karma

Karma Total Qualities = -2

Active Skills
Blades 4 (6) Sword - 24 Karma
Unarmed 3 - 14 Karma
Pistols 3 (5) Heavy pistol - 16 Karma
Pilot Groundcraft 3 (5) Bike - 16 Karma
Gymnastics 4 (6) Parkour - 24 Karma
Hardware 1 (3) maglocks - 6 Karma
Survival 2 - 8 Karma
Data Search 2 - 8 Karma
Locksmith 1 - 4 Karma
Throwing weapons 3 (5) Knives - 16 Karma
First Aid 1 - 4 Karma
Stealth Group 4 - 55 Karma
influence Group 2 - 20 Karma
Perception 3 (free) - 0 Karma

Knowledge Skills
English / Sperethial (N) - 0 Karma
Gang Turf 2 - 4 Karma
Local Area Knowledge (Seattle) 2 - 4 Karma
Security Systems 4 - 11 Karma
Corp Security Units 1 - 2 Karma
Gang ID 2 - 4 Karma

Total Karma Skills - 240

Adept powers - No Karma Cost
Traceless Walk
Improved Sense (Thermo)
Improved Sense (Direction)
Improved Reflexes R1
Combat Sense R1
Improved ability Infiltration R2

Amara Dupress Scrap Dealer / Fence C3 L3 - 12 Karma
Durzo Blint Sensi / Weapons Master C2 L5 - 14 Karma
Sid Naves Dealer of BTL's and Drugs C1 L1 - 4 Karma
Janos Ex Joyboy Host of the Maison D C1 L1 - 4 Karma

Karma Total Contacts - 34

Gear - 23 Karma
Broadsword with personlised grip (F1 weapon focus) - 3 Karma to bond
Ceramic knives x 2
Concelable holsters for above
Throwing knives x 20
Hardliner Gloves

Area Viper Slivergun with personlised grip, underbarrel weight, laser sight and flashlight mod
Concelable holster for above

Ammo x 1500
Spare Mags x 5
Smoke Grenades x5

Autopicker R3
Lockpick set (backup)
Respirator R4
Camo netting (urban)
Sleeping Bag
Betel x 93
Rappeling Gloves
Rope 100 M
Rope 200 M
Glue Sprayer x 5
Wire Clopers
Light Stick x 10

Armour Clothing x1
urban Camo Suit with Chemical protection R4
Armour Jacket
FFBA half suit
Forearm Guards

Glasses R3 with Vision Mag and Flare comp
Earbuds R3 with audio enhancement and spatial recogniser
Commlink Novatech Airware with iris Orb OS, Re3 Sig 3 F3 Sy3 cold sim module
Basic Software ( Analyse 2 Browse 2 Edit 2 Command 1)
Mapsoft R6 Seattle
Cantonese R3
Russian R3
Backup commlink CMY clip with Vector Xim os

Hyundai Elvenstar bike with additional fuel tank mod
H 2 Accel 25/40 Sp 160 P2 B6 A+ S1

Shared Group Lifestyle
Comfots - Low
Entertainment - Low
Necessities - Middle
Neighbourhood - Squatter
Security - Low
Bonuses - Hasty Exit, Workplace

R2 fake sin x2 (working one and spare blank one)
R2 licences x 5

Plus a small bugout kit of
R2 Fake Sin
R2 Fake Licence x 2
Low Lifestyle 1 month
Back up Commlink - Sony Emperor with Renraku Ichi OS
Basic Software pack
Backup Gun
Morrissey Elan
Concealable Holster
5 clips
30 Rounds Regular ammo

Edited for suggestions made on DS

made a couple of edits after some suggestions on DS


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