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Need some help for easy to play Adept

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I have a new player (wife of a current player) that is interested in joining the SR game that I am currently running. She is really new to RPGs in general and I need some help in creating an easy to play character for her. I was thinking of an elven stealthy physical adept that is geared toward unarmed combat and/or blades. I'm fairly new to the system myself and I haven't created a ton of characters to understand all the nuances of adepts. Any help or write-ups would be greatly appreciated.

It might be best to grab one of the Pre-Made characters in SR/SR4A. Since she's new to the game, stay away from Spellcasting/Hacking for her for now (unless she likes to dive into rules).

Dead Monky:
A weapon specialist is probably the simplest character to play.  Buy guns, mod guns, shoot guns.  Simple.  Oh, and there are knives in there somewhere.

I'm gonna agree with both of you guys and say - try starting with an example character (I would recommend the gunslinger or a weapons specialist type toon), and then tweak it for her to fit her interests and/or your groups play style.

I would succest taking a look at the sample character thread at Dumpshock, for a little better build characters then the book examples.
Because the example characters in the book suck.


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