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Name: Benjamin Lee-Keasler
Alias: KageZero
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Mixed
Lifestyle: Middle (3 months paid)
Karma Spent: 145 pts
Physical Description: Dark skinned, but with almond-shaped eyes. Tends to wear his hair in dreadlocks.
Personality/background Born in 2035, KageZero started out young in the shadows. His magic caught the attention of an up and coming Street Samurai named Deek who was putting together a team. He's seen a lot of the world and tried to keep his soul clean while working the shadows. Unfortunately, about ten years ago Deek's team got wiped out on a run against Ares Macrotechnology. He survived, but lost his left hand in the process.
 Fortunately, his employer was able to get him into a delta clinic to replace it, but the damage to his essence was done and he's grown used to it now.


Positive Qualities
Mystic Adept (10 bp, Buddhist tradition); Restricted Gear (5 bp)
Negative Qualities
Distinctive Style (-5 BP, while in melee, his fighting is characterized by yells and yips that are reminiscent of his great-grandfather's fight scenes); Combat Monster (-10 BP); SINner (-5 BP)
Martial Arts Qualities (ARS p156)
Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts (20 BP, +1 Block, +1 Dodge, +1 Parry melee, +1 DV Unarmed Combat); Moves (8 moves, 16 BP; Disarm, Evasion, Finishing Blow, Focus Will, Full Offense, Iaijutsu, Multi-strike, Riposte)

Active Skills
Close Combat Skill Group4--Blades (Chinese Sword Weapon Focus +4)4--Clubs4--Unarmed Combat (Specialization: Jeet Kune Do +2; DV 6P)4Pistols2Dodge3Assensing3Perception2Banishing1Spellcasting3Knowledge Skills (21 free points)
Music (Interests)3Sports (Interests)2Ares Macrotechnology (Street)3Philosophy (Academic)1History (Academic)1Language Skills
EnglishNMandarin Chinese5Japanese3
Adept Powers
PowerCostNotesAstral Perception1SR4A p195Killing Hands.5SR4A p196Strength Boost (L3).75SR4A p195Critical Strike (L3).5SR4A p195SpellsNotesLightning BoltSR4A p205StunballSR4A p205HealSR4A p208Increase ReflexesSR4A p208
Gear (64,800¥)
Colt Manhunter (w/Internal Smartlink, holster, 2 spare clips, 110 rds)775¥Lined Coat (6/5)700¥Glasses (R4, Low Light, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Smartlink)775¥Commlink (Sony Emperor w/Mangadyne Deva, Basic+)1,900¥  -(Res 2, Sig 3, Fire 2, Sys 3, Analyze-3, Browse-3, Command-1, Edit-3)Nanotattoo (Chinese dragon, constantly in motion along left arm)250¥Fake SIN (R4; Bruce Norris)4,000¥Fake License (R4)400¥Medium Lifestyle (3 months)15,000¥
Karma spent:
Assensing (2 to 3)6Astral Combat (4 to 5)10Body (3 to 4)20Grade 1 Initiation (Centering Metamagic)13Grade 2 Initiation (Masking Metamagic)16Magic (5 to 6)30Magic (6 to 7)35Willpower (2 to 3)15


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