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Usda Beph:
OK so I have my Usda. He's a walking wreckingball with horns. But is he Munchy?

Armor 16B/14P

Weilds an Axe and fists mostly. took some grenades
14 dice pool for Unarmed 11Dice pool for damage
same for his axe but 15 Pool for damage.

What else would one need to know if they wanted to decide if a character is munchy?

I know he's good, but Even with his phisical atributes and combat skills I had the least kills for our trial mission. Not by much but That's in part due to having to close to pummel. Remember no magic in our game yet.

Usda Beph:
Maybe this should be in the critique forum?

Munchkin has become too subjective of a term lately.  Generally, I define it as using rules exploits and outright cheating to break the game, with the goal of dominating game play at the expense of everyone else's enjoyment.

Munchkin is really more a style of play than anything else, so it is hard to tell whether a character is munchkin simply by looking at a build.  If a character is built solely for combat, neglecting mental Attributes, social skills, and other skills unrelated to combat, that character could  be a munchkin.  But it could be someone who simply isn't interested in the non-combat areas, or someone coming from a game where the players had to min-max simply to survive.  And again, it's a question of playing style.  There is a difference between a killing machine who protects the noncombattants in the group, and a killing machine who starts a fight during the meet with the Johnson because he is "bored."

It's hard to tell whether this character is even a powergaming build, without being able to see more than raw Attributes - skills and powers/'ware would give a more complete picture.  I would be able to tell if the character had non-combat skills or not.  I would be able to tell if the character has any extra initiative passes or ranged skills - he might be a walking tank, but if he only goes once a round and can't retaliate against distance attacks, he wouldn't even be that effective in combat.   He would squash anyone who got near him, but compared to a street samurai hosing down people with auto-fire over several initiative passes, he wouldn't be the most optimal build.

I agree with Glyph there is no way to see if it is actually Min/Maxed without seeing the whole character sheet.

Of course one of the things i love about SR is that as a GM I find that there is no such thing as munchy. If the players go all hard core combat, I'll just make combat a minor part of the game as a whole. Therefore their char is then min instead of max. lol

Angelone: is the whole character. I haven't read the whole topic yet but if anything the character seems underpowered so far. You need some kind of IP boost.


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