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Dead Monky:
I assume this would go here, but if not, someone with the Power of Grayskull can move it.

Anyway, what are your favorite characters?  Whether it's just a baby you've pained over and tweaked for years or some amusingly bizarre lunatic a friend made, everyone has a favorite character or two.

One of my favorites is a weapon specialist my gf made.  She was a chain smoking, alcoholic, motorcycle riding, gun and bomb obsessed troll named Petunia.  Or "The Big P."  She had a broken off horn that was replaced with a hollowed-out prosthetic used to hold spare ammo or liquor and never carried less than six guns and at least as many knives and/or grenades.

I have a pair of characters I made that I'm obsessed with.  I've tweaked them both off an on for a long time and stuck very close to their concepts.  The first is an escaped research subject that was genetically modified in the womb and lives on the streets.  I made sure to give him only stuff he could have reasonably carried and stolen from people.  The other is an insane dwarf chemist that was messed up both physically and mentally from all the chemicals he had worked around and inhaled.  He also only used chemicals he made himself as weapons, loading them into gas grenades and dart gun rounds.  They're both kind of hard to run at times, but a hell of a lot of fun and very interesting to use.

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Walks Through Walls:
One of my favorite character in second edition was a cross between a bodyguard and rigger. She was deathly afraid of copter or rotor driven vehicles ever since she was in a bad accident while driving one. She still had connections with the corp she left and a standing invite from her former boss to come back if she wanted too.

She totted an enfield shotgun and had a bit of an attitude. She was just a blast to play and I had put a lot of time into the in depth background which gave her a life of her own in many ways

Ooooo nice thread Monky!

Ashe Ravenheart - By far my most favorite character of all my games. To the point that my best friend (and most-often DM) and I have a running joke that if a game's going off the rails for whatever reason, we comment that "It needs Ashe". He started out a half-elven ranger of Mielikki in a home-brewed campaign. Named after Ash Williams, I've been playing him, off and on, since the mid-90s. He holds a special place in my heart due to two things:

1) He was a part of a two separate campaigns that went from 1st level to 19th level (in 2nd Edition AD&D). During that time, there was great heartache and terrific comedy. It started off with him and his best friend in the game taking on a dragon at 2nd level because they found a sword of dragon slaying and some magic armor right outside of said dragon's cave. Miraculously, we survived due to a Monk that had recently met with some kobolds, who were brewing kobold ale. The monk literally ran up the back of the dragon and threw a tankard of ale down its throat just as we were on our last HP and it was getting ready to finish us off with some fiery breath. After cleaning dragon brain matter off of ourselves, the first purchase I made with the hoard was a everful tankard, which I filled with kobold ale (Game stats - 1 sip, automatic Con check or automatically drunk [in 3E, this changed to a Fort DC 25 or automatically drunk]).

2) The second reason is the sheer volume of Ashe's history. After he reached level five, Mielikki had taken notice of him, making him an agent of hers through the multiverse (not as glamorous as it sounds. Just meant he was transported where she wanted him and he natural lifespan was lengthened. No special powers... ). The real fun part was when I was running a group through the Comyr/Shadowdale/Anauroch adventure trilogy and I used Ashe as an NPC for the Shadowdale part. The group was very much a Monty Haul party and realizing that there was a powerful artifact in the book, I wanted to make sure they didn't try to claim it. So, Ashe claimed in instead... ;)

KageZero - One of my oldest SR characters and my alter-ego over on Virtual Underworld 93. A Mystic Adept that lost his hand doing a high-stakes job. I'm putting together his SR4 stats for the Character forum. I wrote him up as the great-grandson Bruce Lee, so I have fun with that too... ;)

Dead Monky:
Thanks, Jack.   ;D

My favorite D&D characters have to be this group my gf and I made as a joke:
Hortence: A crazed, scythe wielding dwarf with a teal mohawk.
Olga: A half-orc cleric with terrible acne that thought her pimples spoke the secrets of the universe to her.  Her battle cry was, "For my pimples!"
Pepito: A halfling rogue that thought his hat was alive and talked to him.  He even painted a smiley face on it and tried to feed it.
Duane: A human wizard.  The only sane one.
All but Duane worshiped a goddess we made up named Falafella, the goddess of strangely named foods, and they thought Duane was the messiah and followed him around much to his annoyance.  They constantly got Duane in trouble with the law, with cults, and with everything else.  But they also managed to get him out of it just as often.  God they were fun.


--- Quote from: Dead Monky on ---Hortence: A crazed, scythe wielding dwarf with a teal mohawk.

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Well, okay, he's got an axe, not a scythe, but I painted the mohawk teal. Heh... like 15 years ago. Oh, and he's only wearing a loincloth.


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