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6E Missions Pre-Gens


Collection of Missions legal pre-gens for anyone that wants to use.

Folder of the .pdfs

and here is a link to the worksheets if you'd like to tinker with them. 

Total of 10 characters, 2 of each Metatype, 1 Awakened, 1 Mundane.

Individual Links to the worksheets are here:

Miss Myth, Troll Face

Tiny, Troll Hermetic Mage

Bell, Dwarf Shaman

Arsenal, Dwarf Samurai / Weapon Specialist

Glitter, Elf Technomancer

Dart, Elf Samurai / Infiltrator

Clicks, Ork Decker

Choppa, Ork Physical Adept

Pokerface, Human Edgelord Adept

Locust, Human Drone Samurai

Thanks for posting these. It will take a while to sort through them but I look forward to it.

Minor correction: Miss Myth has "Fasion" instead of Fashion.

I note that the printer formatting changes a bit between sheets. Miss Myth has Contacts on the left, for example, while Tiny the Troll Mage has Contacts on the right. Perhaps this is intentional to have the most efficient format for each character type.

Speaking of Contacts, it might help to be explicit about which value is Connection and which is Loyalty.

Obviously this would be more work, but I always appreciated how Umaro's 4E characters included tactics, hooks, and suggested investments for karma and nuyen. And dry wit.

Thank you for the correction, I'll get that updated.

The layout moves around to make stuff fit as best as possible, yes.

Aren't contacts always (Connection, Loyalty)?  I'll note it specifically going forward though.

I've done the whole tips and tricks things on pre-gens before.  IME new players still need hand holding and experienced players figure it out on the fly.  Plus several of the characters wouldn't have room, or would have to tighten up the spacing/decrease fonts/squish-squish the sheet to make room.  And it's more work that I don't want to do  : )

Thanks for these! Although my players may not thank you as I’ll likely be using them as NPC opponents :D

Lots of ‘Stolen Gear’ though which is probably giving them an unfair advantage in a one to one… but then who said the shadows were fair?!

Stolen Gear, In Debt, Honor Bound (Pirates Code or White Hat), Incompetent in some random skill a pre-gen doesn't have anyway, Impaired Attribute in a dump stat, all make regular appearances.  Half of these have Priority E resources so need something to pick up the required gear.  The other half are Samurai or Matrix Support characters with an endless need for Nuyen to make incremental improvements. 

*shrug*  Plus using the same blocks of stuff over and over makes it easy for me to help out new players.  They do what they say on the tin, and, for the most part, need only a little explanation mechanically.  "Little" by Shadowrun standards anyway. 


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