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Double Clutch Vehicle Designs FIELD TESTERS WANTED

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I've tried to create an excel file to take the skull sweat out of the vehicle design... and I'd really like some help field testing it for errors!

On the upside it will hopefully make recreating old vehicles from previous versions of SR easy, along with new creations...

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I'm planning on making the Horizon-Doble Revolution from SR4, and maybe a hover board (although that may take a bit more creative license) as a first step...

Thanks  ;D

I will give a work out and see how it meshes up with what I used to build that chapter.

I didn't put my sheet out for public consumption yet because it was just an ugly throw together to test theories while writing.

Awesome, thanks Banshee :)

Horizon-Doble Revolution [Enclosed Monocycle] – originally in SR4 ‘Arsenal’

[H3/3, A17, I20, Sp190, B5, A4, P2, S2, St1] w. Smart Tire

Bike 3BP
Wheeled 10BP
Intermediate Console 5BP
Improved Bod 1 4BP
Improved Armour 2 2BP
Decreased Seat -2BP
Improved Accel 1 5BP

Mass Produced x0.5

Smart Tire 1200 nuyen

Total cost 14700 nuyen


This one is a bit more of a reach and the build is open to interpretation so comments welcome!

Evo Stormcloud [Hover board]

[H1, A6, I45, Sp100, B3, A1, P1, S1, St1*] w. Rigger Interface, Gecko Straps

Small Drone 8BP
Hover 12BP
Basic Console 3BP
Improved Bod 1 4BP
Improved Accel 2 10BP

Drone + Mass Produced x0.25

Gecko Tips 2 3000 nuyen (this provides the ‘seat’ as the rider is ‘glued’ to the board)

Total cost 12750 nuyen

A secondary VTOL propulsion system would give limited flight time for +27000 nuyen but availability would climb to 7…


--- Quote from: Aria on ---Awesome, thanks Banshee :)

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overall the sheet itself works out, might be a few layout changes I would make just for visual appeal and user friendliness if you wanted to take the time for extra features.


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