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--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Actually, looking at Runner's Companion, I just realized that the costs are purely the BP costs of the variants listed. Attribute changes are based off qualities for the variants, so I didn't include them.

--- End quote ---

Meaning what? Dumb it down a bit, please. Or, better yet, a couple of examples. Cause I didn't catch a word of that.

Meaning that the Build Point costs for the Variant races is a set cost, just like the base races. I only tacked on the PACK differential to the cost.

If you build a dwarf using normal Character Creation rules, it will cost you 25 BP for the race. If you build a Harumen with those rules, it will cost you 50 BP.

Under the PACKS, choosing the Dwarf PACK costs you 15 BP, 10 less than the normal cost. So the cost of the Harumen is 40 BP (or 15 + 25 for the extra abilies).

Interesting. Now, is it explained WHY there is that difference? Like, the effects the race or infection has on the attribute package you allocated? If that were the case, then you might be able to skip the difference between base race, and metavarient... Sorry, just thinking while typing. I take it you still need the base book for other things, like what the races do other than just attribute fixing. Like a troll having +1 to reach, and natural armor.

Just going through this, and it occured to me... A ghoul could make a HELL of a Druid.... I mean, no negative to Int, and a bonus to Will that would make most dwarves envious... Top it off with that kind of strength and body, and you have a Druid that just won't go down.... And eats you afterwards.

Well, per my previous example, a Dwarf has Thermographic Vision, a bonus against Pathogens/Diseases and the attribute modifiers. A Harumen has Low-Light Vision, Metagenetic Improvement (Agility), Monkey Paws, Prehensile Tail, Unusual Hair (Body Hair) and the same base Dwarf attribute modifiers. The Metagenetic Improvement (Agility) means they get a +1 to their base Agility score as well.


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