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--- Quote from: Aria on ---Starting to feel like an overly optimistic first draft lol

Thanks for all the help snagging this, Iíve credited those helping on the sheet!

Should have a much improved version up in a couple of hours - not the finished beast but it has a load more detail in it

--- End quote ---

All your effort is appreciated. Been sharing this with my group and on forums when I can!

This is great work! I'm struggling a little to parse exactly how to fill it out...but that's part of the fun ;)

There are some instructions of sorts on the priorities tab, can try and make them clearer...?!

look at priority columns from left to right. a 1 in the row of that column maps to the priority level.

Thanks guys...figuring it out...just required a little more brainpower than Iím used to. ;D


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