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« on: <07-08-19/0929:09> »

In "No Future", on page 49, it is mentioned that the inhabitants of the Renraku arcology in France are fanboys of a trideo show called: "Bull le pirate ork".  :)

As hacker is translated into "pirate" (or rather "pirate informatique") in french, I first assumed that the show would be a "shadowrunner show" about a legendary decker ork called Bull. However, maybe this was not the intent, and the show is supposed to be a about a traditionnal "sea pirate" called Bull.

Does someone for sure what was the intent behind this ?


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« Reply #1 on: <07-08-19/1000:00> »
Slamm-0! hacking an entertainment corp's servers to replace Kane with Bull in their lighthearted pirate series?

Nobody noticed until the higher-ups saw the focus groups and the numbers were through the roof, so they kept it.

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I'm just picturing the tv station sequence from Hackers now, cause nothing says cyberspace like pure 90s cheese.