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« on: <10-09-18/2231:05> »
I'm reading Never Deal with a Dragon and then when read about the doppelgangers attacking and cloning a guy, it sounds terrifying. But I wondered why I've never heard of this thing before. And looking through the critter books I have, Running Wild and Howling Shadows and can't help but notice, no doppelgangers.

Do they exist outside of this novel? Are there stats for one? Is it ever explained what it is or where it came from? I'm still reading Never Deal with a Dragon, and if it's a spoiler feel free to drop a bomb, 'cause I don't really believe a good story can be ruined if you know its outcome.


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« Reply #1 on: <10-10-18/0930:58> »
That was one of the first Shadowrun novels so they may have played a little bit loose with things.  I don't remember there being doppelgangers in first edition, and I don't think second edition was out when that novel was released.  Though it probably wasn't long after.  I still have that book somewhere, haven't read it in a long time.


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« Reply #2 on: <10-10-18/0932:50> »
I believe one showed up in 4e, in one of the corporate adventure books.
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« Reply #3 on: <10-10-18/0958:57> »
There hasn't been an actual "Doppelganger" critter in any edition, as far as I know. But give an adept the following powers:
  • Facial Sculpt (0.25 PP/level, Street Grimoire p.171)
  • Body Sculpt (1.0 PP, Bloody Business p.160)
  • Keratin Control (0.5 PP, Shadow Spells p.23 or Street Grimoire errata)
  • Melanin Control (0.5 PP, Street Grimoire p.172)
  • Mimic (0.25 PP/level, Stolen Souls p.191)
  • Voice Control (0.5 PP/level, SR5 p.311)
  • Improved Ability (Impersonation and/or Disguise) (0.5 PP/level, SR5 p.309)
  • Demara (0.5 PP, Shadow Spells p.22)
  • Linguistics (0.25 PP, Street Grimoire p.172)

Hey, presto, doppelganger.


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« Reply #4 on: <10-10-18/1031:45> »
i run an elven face adept doppleganger as my main.

His most relevant powers are:

Astral Perception <--so he can mask his aura to mimic others
Auth Tone (3)
Body Sculpt
Combat Sense
Commanding Voice
Cool Resolve (1)
Facial Sculpt (1)
Keratin Control
Melanin Control
Voice Control
Silver Tongued Devil
Masking <--without this it doesn't work


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« Reply #5 on: <07-08-19/0734:17> »
I believe one showed up in 4e, in one of the corporate adventure books.
Project Imago, in Corporate Intrigue, features a doppelganger. I was wondering what it was exactly, but my impression is that it's an android specifically designed to replace one person. It does sound like an unlikely piece of tech, though.


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« Reply #6 on: <07-21-19/0157:14> »
The doppleganger in Corporate Intrigue sounds more like a social infiltrator whom had a lot of expensive work done; like to have their genes rewritten for example to mimic Dr. Sayrs. However, it does sound more awesome if it was the same critter from Never Deal with a Dragon and that is now my new head cannon.