Why do dragons have this fearsome reputation?

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« Reply #75 on: <04-06-19/1821:23> »
Can we just get a lock on this old thing?
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« Reply #76 on: <04-06-19/1836:36> »
Nice strawman. I would explain why the scare factor of a dragon is not those resources and minions, but rather how they would use them differently from a megacorp or other group of metahumans, but we both know that wouldn't get anywhere.

Yeah, I can really see how relieved characters would be when they find out that the Vory send those hitman to capture, torture and kill you and your family and not a dragon.

Ghost Rigger

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« Reply #77 on: <04-07-19/0750:58> »
Strawman again. Let me spell out what "differently" means: instead of kidnap and torture, a dragon would get your kid hooked on novacoke and use that addiction to manipulate either you or your kid into spraying bullets in the general vicinity of that Yakuza boss they've been meaning to eliminate since five minutes ago. Will the boss catch a few stray bullets? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter. The dragon's sniper on a nearby roof is going to make it look he did. If the dragon has another use for you, you and your family will be offered complete protection from the Yakuza in exchange for becoming the dragon's property. If not, you will be left to the Yakuza.

That is, by the way, the simplest and least sadist scheme I could come up with. A dragon might pull off something more complex and sadistic, but it will always end the same way: you will do something that benefits the dragon without ever realizing it, and then either become the dragon's property or die.
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