Lets create a corporate site together

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Lets create a complete corporate site together, complete with nasty security measures to ruin runners lives. But also riddled with opportunities for runners to exploit the system, and maybe even get away with the Mcguffin and a nice paycheck.

So here are the rules:
You are allowed to describe one aspect of the corporate site of your choosing.
You decide how much detail you put into it, but other posters are allowed to expand on your description.
You are not allowed to change what other posters have written - so if one guy says the host is rating 8 - then its rating 8. But if he didnt write its ASDF stats or describe its topology or IC, then you may.
You are not allowed to make 2 posts in a row, this should allow other posters to post a bit too.

We will be looking into its Matrix, Magic and Meat security. As well as other stuff you guys come up with - including NPCs and maps etc.

I'll start by introducing the company.
Critical Critter Creations Company (C4) is a wholly owned subsidary of <insert mega corp> and their core business is designing and growing various animals, both chimeric, warforms and clones. While they are mostly known for their line "Nxt Step petS! - a step up no matter what" catering to the mass consumer market with cute munchkin dogs and cats. They have recently made some nice progress in the  < insert cool stuff> field. (Which in turn have made them a target for competitors).

The matrix area is handled by <insert stuff> and consists of  <insert stuff>
Their magical security is handled by  <insert stuff> and consists of  <insert stuff>
Their physical security is handled by  <insert stuff> and consists of  <insert stuff>

<Insert even more stuff>


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this might help:

Inspired by Dethstrobe's Building Better Security posts ( I composed an outline anyone can use to build their own site security for a run.

This outline ensures you have all the bases covered (or at least are aware of the ones that you didn't cover).
If the GM just fills in answers to each section they will have a complete security setup!

1). Setting Background
Any background info on location or setting including physical description

1.1) Important NPCs

2). Security
General Security Notes

2.1) Access Control
Door Locks
Whatís Permitted (what weapons, armor and other items you can bring in with you)
Scanners (type, rating and how they are used)
Social Hacking Opportunities
Consequence (what happens when someone breaks the rules and is caught)

2.2) Passive Measures
Structure and barrier ratings
Sensors and Cameras

2.3) Physical Security

2.4). Magical Security
Local Phenomena
Wards and Barriers
Mages & Adepts

2.5) Matrix Security
Spiders and Deckers
Building Systems

3) Off-site Assets
Type and response time

4). Reasons to Run Reasons why a runner team might be working here.

NOTE: This is setup as a template in my Realmworks realm. If you use Realmworks you can reach out to me and I'll see about getting the template to you.


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« Reply #2 on: <11-27-18/1442:24> »
Noice, I dunno what realmworks is, maybe I'll look into IT.

Thats a nice checklist There though. People could easily use that as a reference.

As you are the only chummers that has replied in this thread, would you care to give IT a shot with a description for one of the arenas?


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here's one i made earlier:

Carlyle Mansion
The epitome of modern luxury, the Carlyle estate is one of the most significant of Westchester's most illustrious properties, occupying 86 acres and bordering a scenic lake.
The grand Georgian residence, designed by renowned architect Boris Boranovich, offers an extraordinary design aesthetic with exquisite custom detailing and finishes that refine every room of the house.
Elegant and expansive formal rooms, a 2-story mahogany library, a Great Room with a bar and theater, and a bespoke chef's kitchen highlight the main floor. A spectacular Master Wing with an oval-shaped bedroom, sitting room, dressing room and luxe bath anchors the second level.
Top recreational amenities include an indoor gymnasium with a sports court, pool, pool house, tennis, outdoor sports court and hiking trails. It's all enveloped in a beautifully designed setting whose total privacy belies the estate's proximity to the town and rail station. Convenient to the local airport and an easy 45 minute drive to New York City.

Maps, pictures & floor plans.

Reasons to Run

Extraction, Robbery, Collecting Blackmail material; the options for shadowrunning to collide with monied high society are too numerous to list.

Instead hereís a possible event that might provide a useful backdrop for a run:

The annual Carlyle Winter White Party:
With invites that go out to all the heavy hitters and glitterati in Weschester, this annual party attracts the entirety of the Westchester social elite, which in turn comprises many wealthy and connected Manhattanites. Wealthy local families are the mainstay of the attendees although there are always the partners, friends and hangers-on that fill out the +1s and personal security for the invitees along with a small group of carefully selected corporate associates of the Carlyles.
The size and scale of the party requires most if not all of the local Westchester catering and party vendors to pull off. As such there's always a need for last minute and temporary staff to escort serve and entertain the many guests. These vendors include caterers, valets, serving staff, personal bodyguards and paramours for attendees etc. Infiltrating one of these vendors will not be easy, they are all relatively small operations that know all their employees intimately. However for such a grand event they all need temporary staff so posing as a temp (with the correct credentials from a temp agency) would work.
A Matrix Search (12) 1 hour related to the upcoming Winter White party will reveal a list of service suppliers including the Caterer, Valet and Cleaning companies all of which are based in Westchester.
No weapons, obvious armor or active spells of any kind are permitted. All attendees and staff are checked on entry to the main house for weapons and offensive cyberwear via rating 6  Cyberware, MAD & Olfactory Scanners  as a wagemage looks on in the astral for any active foci or the like.

If any are found the party-goers will be denied entrance unless they succeed in a Con(fast talk) 3 or Etiquette 4 test.

All confiscated items will be unloaded and stored in a secure equipment locker just inside the main door.


Physical Security
Entry Gate
There is one entry onto the estate that enters off of a two lane country road. An armored guard shack (S10/ A16) with one way security glass (S8/ A12) holds 2 security guards at all times who check in entrants for appointments and credentials. No one is admitted without an appointment and the guards will only contact the head butler at the main house in the most unusual situations.

A 3í tall reinforced concrete barrier (S16/ A32) blocks the entry-driveway. It can be raised or lowered via a command from the guard shack. It takes on combat turn to raise or lower.
Typically one guard will stay in the shack while the second goes out to check credentials and search vehicles.

They will advise any visitors of the estateís rules on weapons, foci and cyberwear before starting their search (see below).

Inspection and Scanning
No weapons, foci, obvious armor or active spells of any kind are permitted on-site. All visitors and staff are checked at the property entrance guard shack for weapons and offensive cyberwear via scanners. A wagemage observing from the astral will check for active spells and foci.

If any weapons, foci or other contraband are found they will be stored in a secure storage locker behind the guard shack.

All vehicles are inspected for mounted weapons (using visual inspection for hidden mounted weapons, a mirror stick to look under the vehicles and a rating 3 hand-held Olfactory scanner for explosives, ammunition and the like).

Military grade or forbidden cyberwear will result in the person being denied entry onto the estate.

Dual natured metahumans will also be denied entry to the estate.

During parties and events only people with invites (and on the invite list kept by the guards) will be permitted entry to the grounds. To ensure long lines donít form on the main road only a cursory visual inspection of the vehicle and contents will happen at the gate with the full blown security and magical scanning taking place in the parking circle outside the main house. 

Perimeter & Grounds Security
Passive Countermeasures
Around the entire perimeter of the estate runs a 12' high brick-faced, reinforced concrete wall (S14/ A24) topped with a mono-wire linked to motions sensors.

Sensors & Cameras
Rating 8 sensor housings equipped with 360 degree IR and low-light cameras are positioned every 20' along the wall line, hardwired back to the main house.

Active Countermeasures
6 noizquitos run random airborne patterns across the outer grounds and perimeter at all times of the day and night except during heavy rain/ wind/ snow.

A pair of security guards with a hell-hound on leash patrol the perimeter and outer grounds at all times. It takes them about an hour to complete a full circuit of the property fence-line.
A force 6 air elemental patrols the perimeter and airspace on the astral, taking 10 minutes to complete a looping circuit of the grounds.

Itís orders are search for any magically active/ awakened astral or physical entities.

If it encounters any it will send a warning to the wagemage in the basement security bunker then issue a verbal warning to the threat to leave the estate immediately or it will ďtake defensive measures including deadly forceĒ.
Main House Security
Passive Countermeasures
All exterior doors are (S8/ A12), all windows are armored glass (S8 /A12) and exterior walls are S12/ A20.

Interior doors are S6/ A8 and interior walls are S10/ A16.

Sensors & Cameras
Rating 6 wireless cameras (equipped with IR and lowlight) cover every angle inside and outside the house, typically there are at least 4 cameras in each room excepting the master bathroom and master bedroom suite.

When the house is unoccupied security is augmented by rating 6 motion and thermal sensors in each room except the kitchen.

All doors and security lockers are protected by rating 6 maglocks slaved to the house host.

Each security guard and occupant is equipped with a wireless security badge (usually clipped to their belt or in their pocket) that affords access to all sections of the house. In addition the security badge includes a panic-button that triggers the main houseís audible and silent alarms (which in turn sets of a host alarm and triggers the closing of the security bunkerís blast door).

The guardís underground security bunker is protected by a one foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete blast-door with retracting steel pins all around the door perimeter (S16/ A 32). It takes 3 combat turns to fully open/ close. Once closed and locked the door power can be turned off from the inside, rendering it unhackable and unopenable by mundane means.

Active Countermeasures
3 Nissan Doberman drones armed with tasers and SMGs patrol close to the main house in a random pattern (they do not go to the pool house area).
One guard is inside the main door of the main house at all times, he carries a taser and Ares Predator. There is a fingerpint locked weapons cabinet at his station that holds two Ares Alphas with two clips each of APDS, Gel and Ex-EX and pre-loaded with CS gas grenades
2 guards armed with tasers and Predators patrol (separately) the interior of the main house.
During daylight hours (and during parties and events) there is always one security guard at the pool, equipped as a life guard, with a rating 6 med-kit and taser handy.

Inside the house 7 off-duty guards sleep in an underground bunk house along with their single wagemage who manages the patrolling spirit.
The wagemage remains in the security bunker most often, only exiting in rare circumstances when the situation requires it.
Matrix Security
The house has a rating 5 host configured for max firewall by default.

An off-site spider working for the contracted security firm looks after the onsite matrix security and drones.
He will only come on-site if an intruder is spotted by a drone or IC or if the on-site security or host calls him/ sounds an alert.

Once alerted it will take him 5 combat rounds to enter the host. He will first spend up to 1 combat turn attempting to spot any matrix host intruders. If none are detected he will take 2 combat turns to assess the situation and respond with the appropriate asset (drone, house defenses, call in HTR, local police etc).

Outside Assets
Both Docwagon and a private security force is contracted to provide emergency off-site response.
Local police response time is 20 minutes.
Docwagon's response time is 15 minutes.
Private HTR team response is 15 minutes.