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2070-2075 corporate plots?

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Michael Chandra:

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--- Quote from: mcv on ---Of course this is the period and location of the Ork Underground and Brackhaven plots (and I'm basing the start of my campaign around the season 4 missions), but are there are corporations involved in that? I know some corporations really want to keep Brackhaven around, while others oppose him. Can someone give me a rundown on that?
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At this point, I don't know how well-involved companies are with Brackhaven, because the dirty evidence on him is only revealed in 2075. He only got pushed out by 2078.

The new Matrix is end 2074, apparently the failure of Aztech crops is 2074 as well, and the Dragon War ended in 2074 with the banishment of Hestaby, after in 2073 she was busy attacking S-K. The timeline might help a bit:

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Oh man, that timeline is great.

And would have save me ALL THE TYPING.



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It's only events, so nothing that goes deeply into a lot of things, but eh. ;D


--- Quote from: Michael Chandra on ---It's only events, so nothing that goes deeply into a lot of things, but eh. ;D

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Yeah, but I have the memory of a mayfly.

(Well, it's actually photographic, but I usually forget to load film. SUPER annoying.)


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They've been doing stuff. Most of it's in German books which I can't read, so … somebody else will have to handle that one.
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Does S-K not have a global impact anymore? Or does Pegasus have the exclusive rights to develop them, leading to them getting ignored in the CGL products?

Also, is there anything S-K did wrong that lead them to finally lose their top spot as the largest megacorp?

--- Quote ---SHIAWASE
They also found out that the current Leonization method (Leonization Type II) had a hidden cost... it didn't impact your Essence but devoured your mind. They decalred it DOA and stopped its use, which lead to everyone else stopping it as well, and returned to the old Type I method … which is owned by Ares. D'oh.
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I got the impression from Storm Front that Leonization treatment was somehow related to CFD. Is it? Or was that a red herring?


--- Quote from: Wakshaani on ---Teh famine's a big one, yeah. Food prices go crazy, real food vanishes from many tables at middle lifestyle or lower, soy gets big again, and there are several crackdowns in cities as the agricorps start going after urban farms … they don't want the competition and this give sthem an excuse. Quite a few people start raising small herb gardens in windowsills or raising chickes on rooftop coops, only to have police bust in and have a corporate lawyer impound the stuff. It's a VERY rough couple of years for Aztechnology until Sirrurg goes down. (If you want to see the whole thing start, take a look at Dirty Tricks for the lowdown.)
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I am definitely getting Dirty Tricks, also because it seems to be related to the Backhaven plot that SRM4 is partially about.

I'm surprised that police would crack down on urban farms in the middle of a famine, though. That can't be good for your popularity.

--- Quote ---Monads are … tricky. Short form? A bunch of Ais were rounded up and tortured, but manage dto escape via infecting some nanobots that were being made in the same facility. They gradually got installed into people, rebuilt their bodies, then took ove rtheir brains, erasing the original owners and making a new home for themselves in the meat world. This new race of former-digitals called themselves Monads and wound up taking over Evo's base on Mars, then buying a spacecarft from Evo and most gathered up and flew off to Mars, to be with their own kind. Some remain on Earth, but no one knows how many they are. They're tied in with Boston. Boston … was bad.
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I know about Boston primarily from the Shadowrun Chronicles computer game, thouh I think they were called headcases there. I guess monads are when their personality has stabilised in its new personality? Storm Front had a scene with some people suddenly talking with completely different personalities, which sounds like something I'd like to use. (Maybe after first confronting my players with Shedim, just to throw them off.)

--- Quote ---As for Axtechnology? The blood magic seems to have been mostly at the behest of one person, Mr. Darke, aka Oscuro, and his Blood Mage Gestalt (Around a dozen blood mages who were linked to one another with tubes, which pumped blood from each of them through the next one in line, being in essence a giant organism with massive magical power)  he died around 2060, around the same time as President Dunklezahn, and the breaking of the bridge from the Deep Astral and Earth that was being made by some rather terrible astral entities. With his death, the rathe rterrible subordinates he had were either fragged by their corporation mates or went into hiding, leaving a path clear for more traditional, “We're here to make money” sorts to move in. Indeed, as they've since been at the forefront of the “Defend Metahumanity from dragons” movement, they're being seen by some runners as, believe it or not, the GOOD guys!

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On the one hand I kinda liked Aztechnology as the deeply into evil blood magic company, on the other hand, presenting them as good guys is really going to screw with people's heads. (I've got a player who has all the 2nd edition stuff.) But maybe it's most important that all megacorps have both a good and a bad side. And a bunch of grey ones.

Michael Chandra:
Headcase is a slur, Monad is how they call themselves.


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