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2070-2075 corporate plots?

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Transys Neuronet, and Erika-Nokia, are active as AA-rated corps themselves, but NeoNET is as dead as dead can be. Richard Villers' golden ticket is in the hands of Johnny Spinrad for the next decade while Villers is banned from being in control of a corp, leaving ol' Richard free to do something. Nobody knows what he'll be up to but the COmeback King should never be counted out as long as he's breathing.

Have to hit thedayjob shortly. I'll have to finish this up when I get back. Anyone else wants to jump in while I'm out, of course, feel free!

Speaking of Johnny... Has there been an official SpinGlobal logo anywhere in the recent books that i missed?

Just a quick note that Wakshaani's awesome summaries above are coming up the current date, not cutting off at 2075.  (I feel like they should get copied into the current metaplots thread, maybe?)

Wow, that's some amazing summaries. But yeah, much of it sounds post-2075 to me, though there's also some stuff that's probably still relevant to the 2070-2075 era. In particular the famine caused by Sirrurg.

I honestly had no idea about Ares. I'm vaguely familiar with Knight and Vogel, but there's a lot more going on. With that kind of internal rivalry, it sounds like they might end up going the way of Fuchi. What are the best books with more info about this?

How exactly did MCT surpass S-K as the largest megacorp? Just the Matrix stuff? Because I thought that was mostly NeoNET territory. I'm obviously not surprised that NeoNET has been overtaken, but if I'm not mistaken, the CFD shit didn't hit the fan until after 2075, so in the 70-75 period, NeoNET would still be king, right? (Didn't NeoNET cut up some technomancers, by the way? Or was that Horizon?)

What is "the Monad situation"? I don't think I've heard of that before.

I'm also interested in Aztechnology's shift away from blood magic. I know them primarily as deeply evil blood magic users with possible horror ties that has a positive public face because they provide all the food and other stuff most people actually need.


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