(5E Priority Build) Mystic Adept P.I. Need help figuring out what I am missing

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A: Attributes
B: Magic
C: Skills
D: Metatype
E: Resources 

== Personal Data ==
Street Name: Mutt
Name: Harold (Harry) Jenson
Movement:6/12 (2m/hit)
Swim:3 (1m/hit)
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 3
Public Awareness: 0
Human Male Age 25
Height 5'8" Weight 150
Composure: 11
Judge Intentions: 9
Lift/Carry: 7 (45 kg/30 kg)
Memory: 10

== Priorities ==
Metatype: D,1
Attributes: A,4
Special: B,3
Skills: C,2
Resources: E,0

== Attributes ==
Current Form:
BOD: 4
AGI: 3
REA: 3
STR: 3
CHA: 5
INT: 4
LOG: 4
WIL: 6
EDG: 3
MAG: 6

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                                6.00
Initiative:                             7 +1d6
Rigger Initiative:                      7 +1d6
Astral Initiative:                      8 +3d6
Matrix AR:                              7 +1d6
Matrix Cold:                            8 +3d6
Matrix Hot:                             8 +4d6
Physical Damage Track:                  10
Stun Damage Track:                      11

== Limits ==
Physical:                               5
Mental:                                 6
   Audio Enhancement [+1] (Only for Perception (Hearing))
   Medkit [+3] (Only for First Aid and Medicine)
Social:                                 8
Astral:                                 8

== Active Skills ==
Assensing                               Base:4          Pool:11
Astral Combat                           Base:2          Pool:8
Binding                                 Base:2          Pool:8
Computer                                Base:1          Pool:5
Con                                     Base:3          Pool:8
Counterspelling                         Base:4          Pool:10
Etiquette                               Base:2          Pool:7
Gymnastics                              Base:2          Pool:5
Leadership                              Base:2          Pool:7
Negotiation                             Base:2          Pool:7
Perception (Visual)                     Base:6          Pool:13(15)
Pilot Ground Craft                      Base:2          Pool:5
Spellcasting                            Base:4          Pool:10
Summoning                               Base:2          Pool:8
Unarmed Combat                          Base:1          Pool:4

== Knowledge Skills ==
City Speak                              Base:4          Pool:8
Or'zet                                  Base:1          Pool:5
Spanish                                 Base:1          Pool:5
Area Knowledge: Seattle                 Base:4          Pool:8
Awakened Hangouts                       Base:2          Pool:6
Bars and Clubs                          Base:2          Pool:6
Data Havens                             Base:2          Pool:6
Forensics                               Base:2          Pool:6
Law Enforcement Procedures (Street)     Base:2          Pool:6
Magical Security                        Base:2          Pool:6
Parazoology                             Base:1          Pool:6
Street Gangs: Seattle                   Base:2          Pool:6

== Contacts ==
Cheeky ;Seattle ?;Decker(3, 4)
Harper;Seattle ;Bumb(1, 1)
Harvey Manchester (Manny) ;Seattle ;P.I.(3, 4)

== Qualities ==
Bad Rep
Code of Honor: Avenging Angel
Dependent (Inconvenience)
Focused Concentration (2)
In Debt (4)
Mentor Spirit (Dog)
Mystic Adept
School of Hard Knocks

== Tradition ==
Shamanic,Resist Drain with:11

== Spells ==
Analyze Truth                 DV: F-2
Clairaudience                 DV: F-3
Clairvoyance                  DV: F-3
Heal                          DV: F-4
Improved Invisibility         DV: F-1
Increase Reflexes             DV: F
Manabolt                      DV: F-3

== Powers ==
AnalyticsRating: 1
Astral Perception
Danger SenseRating: 3
Eidetic Sense Memory
Enhanced PerceptionRating: 3
Improved Sense (Microsopic Vision )
Improved Sense (Thermographic Vision)
Improved Sense (Vision Magnification )

== Lifestyle ==
Basment Apartment(Low)1 Month
   + Grid Subscription (Public Grid) [+50¥]

== Armor ==
Lined Coat                               9

== Weapons ==
Ares Predator V
   + Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 2   Accuracy: 5 (7)   DV: 8P   AP: -1   RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 4   Accuracy: 5   DV: 3S   AP: -   RC: 2

== Commlink ==
Sony Ronin(ATT: 0,SLZ: 0,DP: 4,FWL: 4)
   + Commlink Functionality[Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds 1, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display]
   + Browse ×3
   + Encryption ×4

== Gear: Equipped ==
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Heavy Pistols) ×30
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) ×50
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Heavy Pistols) ×10
Backpack (Good)
DocWagon Contract, Basic (1 Year Advance Payment)
Earbuds Rating 3
   + Audio Enhancement Rating 1
   + Select Sound Filter Rating 1
   + Sound Link
Fake SIN (Luke Overtair) Rating 3
Lockpick Set
Medkit Rating 3

== Vehicles ==
Dodge Scoot (Scooter)             
   + Improved Economy
   + Sensor Array Rating 2
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« Reply #1 on: <11-09-19/1607:23> »
What are your character goals? what does the character plan to be good at? If on a team, what would the team be relying on them to do? 

Off the bat i feel like at skills C you are taking too many low investment skills for things that you won't actually do or need active skills for to the detriment of dicepools that you want to be higher.

Similarly with some attributes.

Ex. It might make sense conceptually for a magical PI to have decent Logic and and some knowledge of computers, astral combat, and piloting, but none of the things you "do" require a Logic base and the dicepools in these tests are irrelevent with the small investment in them that it is no better than having no investment in them.

It is also a general rule of thumb in 5e that barring very intentional and particular reasons, it is best to keep Body and Willpower at odd numbers and use the attribute points elsewhere (so for you, Go Body 5/Willpower 5, or drop them both to 3/5 and use those two points elsewhere, like Intuition.

In Debt is a rough in game quality, as it starts you with quite a bit of debt that you don't only have to pay interest on every month (nuyen is a form of character investment and this is just taxing your development), a big repayment is required in addition to a big chunk of karma to buy it off. It also makes you a liability to your team when there are people who are after you that you are in debt to. But the short of it is that the quality is a very expensive way to get very little starting cash. Best to not take it. if Taking Resources E, best to just spend 10 karma on nuyen and that is what caps your initial purchases.

Drop the Docwagon contract. Get an R4 Fake Sin.

I'm not sure what your adept powers are doing for you. It helps make your character perceptive, but not particularly perceptive compared to most other starting characters, regardless of their role (high Intuition, high Perception + specialization, and magical/'ware/gear/quality bonuses). There may be other more useful reasons to be a mystic adept then just full plan magician(which has a lot of bonuses in itself).

I'll save other advice based on what you are looking for the character to be able to accomplish. I would prob recommend a change in priority selection at that time too.
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« Reply #2 on: <11-09-19/1658:10> »
Admittedly I have no idea how to make a character in 5e. My GM wants to play but I was the only one of our friends that wants to play it so he is running me on a solo game. I know my character is a bit all over the place but I wasn't sure how else to make a character that at least had a chance to do want ever was needed. I also didn't want to make a mundane as magic is a big part of the game. I thought about a skill wires guy but could make him in a way that made sense to me. Thank you for the advice, and as far as the debt it wasn't really to get extra money it was more to the point that I wanted to have the P.I. always in trouble and hard up for money kind of feel to the character. But maybe just taking an enemy would be better, not sure. I will work on it some more and see if I can incorporate what you advised as it seems to me to be good advise. That being said is it at all a viable character for a solo campaign? With some adjustments that is.
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Talk to your GM about what you want out of a solo game. Looking at your response and the character, it doesn't look like being in a lot of physical fights is your jam, and the game will probably be more atmospheric, with a focus on legwork (gathering information and talking to people), talking your way past problems, and using magic to help with that.

So I would probably reorient a character to be good at those things, so dice don't fail you more often than not when you are trying to do the things you want to be good at doing. Skinning a face/magician as PI isn't too difficult.

I would recommend focusing on getting dicepools higher for things you are good at. At least to the 12+ range. Use knowledge skills/qualities to give more PI flair, but don't invest in token active skills that you think a PI should have when they are going to be negligible in play. (ex. for someone not hacking, a computer pool of 5 vs 3 is not going to do you much good. better to put yourself into a situation to not have to roll computers to begin with).

For a solo game especially, don't be afraid to invest more karma into having more contacts, and to do some thinking not about just your own character, but that of your contacts. It will give your GM more to work with and make your game more immersive and less lonely. In a solo-game, you are going to be calling on your contacts a lot, so you want to make that fun.

Here is some links to a bunch of private investigator/detective sheets to look through:

Here is an magical PI I played a little bit ago. Not very optimized, low magic aspected magician:
Priorty: E human, B Attributes, D aspected conjurer, A skills, C resources
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Thank you so much! This is awesome advise I am going to fiddle with it a lot more and see what I can come up with and thank you as you have given me a great deal to work with and think about. I will post it back up here as soon as I am done and see if it looks better next time.
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« Reply #5 on: <11-10-19/1138:36> »
Feel free to post when you update!