(5E) Female Human Medic/Decker.

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« on: <10-10-14/0955:37> »
MY latest build involves combining two roles, Medic and Decker, in the best way as possible (might not be the best but hey, its worth a shot.)


A: 46 skills / 10 skill groups
B: 20 Attributes
C: 140,000 nuyen
D: Human
E: Mundane


STR 2 (1 + 1 from spending 10 Karma)
CHA 3 (2 + 1 from spending 15 Karma)


Codeslinger (Crash Program) -10 Karma
College Education -2 Karma
Gifted Healer (Treatment) -2 Karma
Quick Healer 3 Karma
SINner (Corporate: Evo) +25 Karma

8 Karma spent for 16,000 nuyen

Cracking group 5
Electronics group 5
Biotechnology 6
Chemistry 6
Cybertechnology 6
First Aid 6
Medicine 6
Perception 6
Pilot Ground Craft 4
Pistols 6

Knowledge skills

English N
Russian N
Chemistry 3
Biology 3
Shadow Community 4
Firearms (Pistols) 3
Street Drugs 4
Data Havens 4


Datajack 1000 nuyen


1 month Low w/ Special Work Area 3000 nuyen


Armor Clothing 450 nuyen
Urban Explorer jumpsuit w/ Biomonitor 650 nuyen


Ares Predator V w/ internal Smartgun system 725 nuyen
Extendable Baton 100 nuyen


10 spare clips for Predator V w/ 150 regular ammo 3050 nuyen
Microdeck Summit w/ all normal and hacking programs, Rating 6 Agent, Sim module and 2 datasofts (for chemistry and biology) 75,650 nuyen
Biomonitor 300 nuyen
Rating 6 Medkit 1500 nuyen
chem patch 200 nuyen
5 rating 6 stim patch 750 nuyen
2 trauma patch 1000 nuyen
Rating 4 Fake SIN 10,000 nuyen
4 rating 4 fake licenses (for Medical, pistol, Cyberdeck and Matrix Software) 3200 nuyen
Rating 6 Respirator 300 nuyen
Flashlight 25 nuyen
Rating 3 binoculars w/ Vision magnification and rating 3 Vision enhancement 1650 nuyen
2 chlorofom 150 nuyen


GMC Endurance w/ Rating 2 sensor array, Ambulance Gurney, Biomonitor, Rating 6 medkit, Chem patch, 5 rating 2 stim patch, 2 trauma patch, 5 rating 2 tranq patch, 6 rating 2 antidote patch, 2 HemostatiX Dressing, STATscan, 5 survival kits and morphing license plate
46,550 nuyen

No more Karma

Remaining Nuyen 5750

What do you think? Did I make an unplayable character? Do you have a better build than this one? Feel free to say it.


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« Reply #1 on: <10-10-14/1005:33> »
I don't think it's unplayable, but I would probably put more focus on the decker side than the medic side, you'll have far more utility to a team that way. Using First Aid in combat is a slow process, so you're probably going to wait until after the shooting has died down if you can help it and you'll want something to do during the shooting to help the team, probably more than popping off a few 9d6 pool pistol shots.

Couple of Notes:
1) Personally, while I think the rules introduced in B&B are interesting, I think they make things way more complicated than needed. I'd personally avoid them unless I was playing a game where the characters are actually a DocWagon HRT or something like that.
2) R4 Agents are the max you can get at CharGen, IIRC.
3) Is there something specific you're trying to do with Crash Program? It's not often seen as that great of an option, but if you've got a cool use for it that would be cool.
4) I think you're overinvested in a few of the Biotech skills. As of now, there are very few actual in-game uses for Biotechnology, Cybertechnology, and Chemistry. <- I'd really like to see some B/R uses for Chemistry soon, I want to get my inner Walter White on. I'd probably go for a specialization in First Aid. Gunshots are probably going to be the most common wound type.
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« Reply #2 on: <10-10-14/1020:28> »
I think it's better to pick Biotech as a group and get your Electronics or Cracking skills using individual skill points.
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« Reply #3 on: <10-11-14/0741:10> »
I know this is going to sound off topic but am i doing something wrong with my builds (not just this one) or is it just my poor decisions?


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« Reply #4 on: <10-11-14/0829:44> »
Not really, you are just not experienced yet. It takes time to get a solid grasp on what characters can possibly be, how exactly do skills work, what the numbers really mean, the matrix, the magic and all that stuff.
Take your time, ask around, don't be afraid to ask someone about their motivation behind their priority and skill choices. Read some threads, use the search.
I can give you a couple of guidelines I use when creating my runners
- I try to get dicepools of 12-15 in my area of expertise (deckers and faces can get much higher actually), backup skills tend to be at 6-9 dice, and 10-11 is something I'm good but not the best at. I only get dicepools of 5 or lower if nothing critical happens if I glitch or if I have some gear to help me out (like first aid skill with a dp5+medkid R6=a solid dicepool of 11).
- Perception is important but techies can use Electronic Warfare instead by relying on their sensors.
- A secondary decker is not an option. If I build a hybrid then it is decker first/anything else second. If you are not investing enough to the decker side then you are just throwing your resources and skills away. There are rare exceptions though.
- If I'm not specifically going to play a mechanic, a medic or something similar, I don't pick 'maintainance' skills at all (like Medicine, Engineering, Armorer and the similar ones). I get contacts for that. Or my teammate's contacts. Or teammates!
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*I have problems with clarifying my point in English, so sometimes I might sound stupid or rude.*