6E car transport

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If you wish to remain connected but without all the drawbacks (risk of getting remotely shut down, cannot exceed posted speed limits, etc) while also get access to a rotating identifier so you cannot be tracked for an extended period as well as still accessing GridLink for recharging your vehicle you would typically install a GridLink Override Electromagnetic Modification.

Depending on whether host event horizon is or is not in play, putting the rigger/vehicle matrix icon inside host is an alternative that's damn near a case of "get your cake AND eat it too".  Distance based Noise doesn't even factor in- ideal for a remotely driving Rigger!
If you want to be connected to GridLink without running GridLink Override then you are subject of getting remote shut down and cannot exceed posted speed limits. No matter if the vehicle out on the grid is slaved to a host or not.

But say your vehicle is having a GridLink Override Mod (or if you choose to not connect to GridGuide at all even though you are wireless enabled) being inside a host while remote controlling a vehicle out on the grid that is slaved to the host will for sure give the vehicle good matrix defenses (unless the hacker is inside the vehicle itself, using a physical direct connection, or if the hacker is inside host the vehicle is slaved to, in which case the hacker will be considered directly connected to the vehicle no matter where in the world it is located... in both cases this mean the hacker get to ignore noise and host ratings while hacking the vehicle).