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Title: Artificing question?
Post by: funkytim on <09-07-21/2307:43>
In step six of artificing you need to spend the amount of karma equal to the force of the focus.  Does this mean if I craft a force 2 power focus I spend 2 karma or do I have to spend the force 2 * 6 karma that would be required to bind the focus?  Also if the answer is the former do you then have to spend the required karma to bind it? 

I guess in the grand scheme an extra force karma isn't a lot if you are saving nuyen crafting your own foci but also considering you have to spend points in the skill, mages need karma more than they need money, and you actually have a chance to lose essence IMO you would be better off buying the foci or looting one during a run.
Title: Re: Artificing question?
Post by: Xenon on <09-08-21/0508:18>
Force of the Focus.

After that the magician that will actually use it (does not have to be the same magician as created it, but it can be) typically spend a higher amount of karma to actually bind it.
Title: Re: Artificing question?
Post by: funkytim on <09-08-21/2102:09>
With that being the case I can't see a reason to take this skill unless you want to have one preparation per run.  Yes the preparation could be useful but maybe not worth picking another skill. 
Title: Re: Artificing question?
Post by: Xenon on <09-09-21/0204:29>
Yes, out of Conjuring, Enchanting and Sorcery I would say that Enchanting is the least useful, but at least in this edition it is now just one skill (Alchemy, Artificing and Disenchanting was different skills in previous edition).

Besides creating foci and preparations,

...the Enchanting skill can be used on a focus to learn about the aura of its creator (which doesn't have to be the same magician that currently bind it)
...can be used to deactivate someone else's focus within line of sight (this is also one of the few things you can do from the astral plane even if the owner magician is on the physical plane - and if the owner is using projection too then he or she need to leave the astral world in order to reactivate the focus).
...can be used to break down a focus (but this require touch and take hours).
...and can be used for disjoining preparations (similar to how dispelling work on spells).

So it is not a totally useless skill.
But as I said above, perhaps the least useful of the three (if you are short on skill points and need to skip one of them).
Title: Re: Artificing question?
Post by: funkytim on <09-10-21/1100:10>
Thanks for the input Xenon.