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[SR6] Metavarients and resonance


So I have been looking for a rule saying you cannot have resonance if you have magic but I can not find it. I know it was explicitly stated in previous editions. Is this different in 6e? I would love to find a rule that says a pixie can not be a technomancer. Can anyone point me to a page number?

Already on the list.  Metasapients from the Sixth World Companion have a Magic of 1 to 6.  In previous editions that meant they needed at least a "D" in Magic and could not be Technomancers.  None of that verbiage is in the Sixth World Companion that I found.  I would recommend using the previous editions as guidance until the Errata gets published.  If it's in there somewhere I'd love a page reference.

As far as Mages can't be Technomancers, I do believe the CRB says you have to put your points into Resonance or Magic.  Can't split them.  And a PC with a D or higher in Magic needs to choose between Adept, Mystic Adept, Aspected Mage, Mage or Technomancer.  Pick one, and only one.  So the CRB has you covered for the core metas.


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