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{6E} Availability above 9?


Availability in 6E is capped at 9 (Core p 244).

However, some gear has Availability tied to Ratings or similar that can drive their Availability higher than 9.

Example: Cyberlimb attribute enhancements are Availability = Rating, but have no upper Rating cap - they just have no mechanical effect if they're higher than base attribute +4. Some characters, however, can get Augmented attributes up to 15 or so, needing a Cyberlimb Attribute Enhancement of 13 to match.

Are items of Availability higher than 9 just not obtainable, or does the Availability just cap out at 9 no matter how high the Rating is?

Note that there are already some items that break the Avail 9 cap, like Milspec vehicle armor in Double Clutch, or NPCs statted with Foci higher than 6.

Michael Chandra:
Seven-7 has availability 10(I).

So, is the cap of 9 just defunct?

Specific > General ?   General rule Availability caps at 9.  Specific rule, except when it doesn't.  Best I got.

9 was never established as a hard cap, while it is eluded as such in the CRB that obviously can not be sustained with addition gear developed


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