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@Sphinx - Thanks mate. This is already better than the site and drivethrurpg. The former lacks all the books the latter lacks the informative grouping you added. The short phrase descriptions without Shadowrun's paragraphs of literary fluff is great. (It is good for books, bad for product descriptions).


--- Quote from: Beta on ---Nice work, Sphinx! Maybe add the Seattle boxed set?  Not really a core book for fifth, but published during 5th's timeperiod.

--- End quote ---

Drek. Forgot the boxed sets. I'll edit the list.

Also useful, if not necessarily 5th ed specific: Seattle 2072, Seattle Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac, NAN (Native American Nations) Volumes 1 and 2, Sprawl Sites, Bug City, London Sourcebook, Germany Sourcebook, California Free State, Tir Na Nog, Tir Tairngire, the Target: series, Aztlan, New Seattle, Denver, Year of the Comet, Shadows of: series, Corporate download, Corporate Enclaves and Feral Cities. These are the setting sourcebooks, from 1st ed on. Not necessarily in any order.

Edit: definitely not a high priority for learning the system, but good for the background/setting info.

Worth remarking that Dark Terrors is also the most up-to-date metaplot book.  That's really more what it is than a "spooky parts of SR" book, IMO, even though it was marketed as that.  Some chapters like the Elder Gods or the Infected chapters are intended to have horror aspects, but the chapter talking about how the cure for CFD has been found and it's basically on its way out the door (to put things optimistically) is the opposite of a horror story.  Even if NeoNET breaking apart will lead to a bunch of strife and pain.

And pinned for future reference ;D

@Sphinx - updated your list to in the Morocco release from today. If you donít mind, will continue this going forward.


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