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Gun Heaven 2 is released! Fifty--that's right, fifty!--new guns!

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Back when we released the original Gun Heaven last year, we were very pleased with the reception. People seemed to like the large, full-color art for each piece, and the in-character descriptions. But most of all, people liked having more guns (except Bull, who told us there were enough guns in the games, and then he asked us why we didn't focus more on bringing cyberdecks back into the game, but we're used to that from him). So in that light--Gun Heaven 2 has been unleashed and is on sale now (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG)! Here's the rundown:


The only friend you’ll ever need. The last friend you’ll ever have. Your gun is the one thing in your life that should be dependable, that should always make a nice loud bang when you squeeze the trigger, and should always bring down whoever you think should fall. Of course, if your weapon is going to be that important to you, you’ll need one that suits you perfectly. And to find the right match, it’s best if you have a lot of choices.

Welcome back to Gun Heaven, where your next best friend is waiting for you. Dozens of options await, from the troll-friendly Krime Cannon to the foldable Terracotta Arms Mordred, from the stylish Shiawase Arms K2072 to the true tool of the desperate, the Barrens Special. And on top of that is a new breakthrough in ammo that gives you a better chance to hit your intended target.

Gun Heaven 2 contains fifty new guns for Shadowrun, each with a large, full-color illustration and complete game information and statistics. They’re waiting for you—take a look and find that special friend that fits perfectly in your hands.

Gun Heaven 2 is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Yay! More bang bang!


--- Quote from: Mirikon on ---Yay! More bang bang!
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State of the Art Grade-A Bang-Bang, no less!  ;D

Because the world can always use more high-powered hole punches.

Personally, I think you should have met Bull and I halfway and given us a hold-out Cyberdeck gun.


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