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All sorts of news today! New book, reprints, street dates, etc.

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There's a lot of news today--The Twilight Horizon is available for PDF purchase and print pre-order, Corporate Intrigue is out in print, Jet Set has a street date of April 4, the Runner's Toolkit reprint will hit stores on March 21, and reprints of Augmentation and Unwired will hit stores on April 18 (PDF updates for previous purchasers should be available now). That's the summary; for more details, check out the blog post.

Vegas time!

Looking at the Jackpoint page, I can't wait for the Used Car Lot and Clutch of Dragons. Of course, still haven't seen that Euro Wars book yet, so...

I still can't believe I'm writing something for a book titled The Clutch of Dragons.

Anyway, I wrote this story after Jason announced The Twilight Horizon idea, but it didn't take among the others and I didn't end up writing anything for it. But here it is, which I think might make the Mojave spirits intrigue a bit more interesting.

Sweet. Looking forward both to much needed reprints and new books.

Keep up the fantastic work  ;D



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