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Conspiracy Theories bring the crazy--it's out now!

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Conspiracy Theories is evidence that the Shadowrun writers do not need a whole lot of pushing to get nuts. Great dragon conflicts? Sure! Bug spirit rumors? Absolutely! Stories of strange relationships between humans and dragons? Well, why not? And that's only part of it.

The book is full of stories and rumors that range from the possibly plausible to the quite deranged, but the biggest challenge is figuring out which is which. It's also got plot updates, setting info for London and DeeCee, and some magic rituals that are not easy to cast but could have stunning effects--if anyone ever manages to get everything they need to cast them.

You can read a little more about Conspiracy Theories on the blog, or you can check it out on Battleshop or DriveThruRPG. Either way, enjoy!

Jason H.

*Looks at my budget and cries manly tears*

I think if there's anyone on this board that deserves some comp credit just for being a fan, it's you.

Not that I can do anything about it. Directly.  :-\

What?  For whining about my budget and calling everyone a bastard all the time?  :P

No, for the 4,605th post you'll make replying to this one.

This, my 666th. :P


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