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>>>>>[What Kage said. The loss of your vital spirit to the machine is always a hard thing for the body to endure, but if you ascend, you can reclaim your lost connections. Well, to a point anyway. An internal commlink isn't so bad, but if you're a street sam with more metal in you than meat, you're pretty much fragged.]<<<<<
      -- Texas Tarantula (19:44:21/09-21-72)

>>>>>[ -fox growl- How do I... Hey Dummy! What does the blinking red light mean again? ... It's what? OH! Uhm... how do I stop it? ... ah, okie.]<<<<<
      -- FoxBoy (15:40:27/09-28-72)

>>>>>[ Hey Dummy! It's blinking again.. did I butt dial it again or something or did you hack it? ... There's a sprite on it? What's a sprite? I'm gonna hit the power for now... I hate monkey tech... ]<<<<<
      -- FoxBoy (16:06:22/09-28-72)

>>>>>[ I hate tech. ]<<<<<
      -- FoxBoy (16:15:56/09-28-72)

>>>>>[ GO AWAY SPRITE! No I DON'T want to talk to them! ]<<<<<
      -- FoxBoy (16:17:56/09-28-72)

>>>>>[ -grumbling- Sorry... Sprite won't leave me alone without saying something. I'm a fox shifter, mage type from Salish land, been awake since birth so... got lots of neat tricks I can do and my pack and I just got done flushing out some mantis spirits from the sprawl in Seattle. What hurt was that this group was getting ready to induct, and invest, our combat mage in as a bug spirit herself so now she's out a pack of the magic kind. Although, for some funny reason they did this whole 'group ownership' thing and now she has her own den... uhm, chapter house, sorry.. in Seattle. Lots of nuyen and toys, but everyone that wasn't a bug in her group all noninitiates, keep bugging her and asking what happened.

Anyone know how to get a sprite off of these doodads, commlinks, whatever they are?

Better yet, anyone want a fox lookin' sprite on their commlink? Giving it away to a good home.  Strike that.. anyone that wants it, can have it!

Stop chewing on my contact list!!! ]<<<<<
      -- FoxBoy (16:20:20/09-28-72)


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