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Deadly Waves out now, with all sorts of watercraft! Also, an Arsenal update!

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So, we’ve had PDF publications covering aircraft (Unfriendly Skies), military vehicles (along with other military gear--MilSpecTech) and drones (This Old Drone). I’d say it’s high time we put some watercraft out there. So we did! Out now for your purchasing and perusing pleasure--Deadly Waves (for sale on the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG)! Let’s go to the rundown:

Run on Water

More than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. That means that two-thirds of the Earth is covered in escape routes, infiltration points, and hiding places that people stuck on land constantly overlook. If you want to know how to use all that blue to your advantage, you need to know the boats that are out there, what they can do, and how your competition is putting them to use.

Deadly Waves collects information about thirty different watercraft, from the fast and agile Wave Cutter to the luxurious, self-maintaining Zeppelinwerke Elite Cruiser to the hulking yet surprisingly quick Maersk-Jorgenson Fast Freighter. Runners can use this book to gain all sorts of options for taking to the water, whether they’re planning a quick jaunt or embarking on a long voyage.

Deadly Waves is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

On top of that, we have a new printing of Arsenal--the book with the guns and the armor and the explosions and the hurting--that’s out and about. It has page references updated to Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition, a few typo fixes, and a shiny new cover. Check it out at the Battleshop or DrivethruRPG! Note that if you have previously purchased the Arsenal PDF, these changes should be available to you as a free update.

Jason H.

Well, that's one major advantage that PDF has over DTF.

That's assuming that 'a few typos' means errata.  I'm betting it doesn't.

Of course it will still be an advantage once errata for any current-ish product is actually created.

Yep, and the errata will of course be hand-delivered by Santa Claus.


--- Quote from: bigity on ---That's assuming that 'a few typos' means errata.  I'm betting it doesn't.

--- End quote ---
Well arsenal allready has errata.


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