Starting Gear for 5e?

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« on: <03-10-21/1230:07> »
So, I'm starting out with Shadowrun 5e and I was wondering if anyone had some tips for gear to pick out? I've got several guns (an Ares sniper rifle, a shotgun, two Ares Predators, an assault rifle and the smart gun SMG), as well as a survival knife, frag grenades, high explosive grenades, neurostun grenades and nausea gas grenades. My cyber eyes are as tricked out as I could get them and I aged up my muscles to enhance my agility and strength. My question is, is there anything I'm missing? I took the highest level of resources and I've still got 147k leftover after my various gear purchases (armor, aforementioned weapons, ammo and a car), and I was wondering if anyone could give a first-timer like me suggestions on what would be good to have. I'D like my character to start out with either a High or Middle lifestyle, so I've still got some cash to burn through.

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A checklist for the very basics that every runner requires:

A fake SIN.  Preferably several, if you have the funds available.
Fake licenses for those SINs, for any gear you plan to carry around basically all the time (like, cyberware)
A Commlink
Either DNI (trodes or datajack) or image link, sound link, and touch-link. 
Sensory improvements.  Have to at minimum be able to see in the dark.  But beyond that, you're going to want those bonus dice for visual/auditory perception tests, as well.
A set of clothes/armor that is allowable in nicer places.
A decent respirator or cyber/bioware parallel

Stuff that everyone is really, really going to want, so long as they have money left over after the basics are covered:
2nd and 3rd options for your primary schtick (sounds like you're playing a weapons guy, and you have that covered already)
a good medkit (remember that anything bigger than rating 3 is as big as a backpack, though)
Electrical resistance for your primary armor (tasers and stick-n-shock are the most common non-lethal weapons you'll face)
Sensors.  That stuff is seriously overlooked, and it's seriously useful.
Slap patches.  Particularly stim patches.

A noobie's checklist for making a combat guy:
You NEED an initiative enhancer.  You absolutely cannot go into a team rocking a +1d6 init as a combat-focused character. A lot of people like Synaptic Accelerator due to its comparatively low essence cost, but imo the higher nuyen cost and lack of ability to upgrade or stack the bonus makes me prefer wired reflexes 19 times out of 20.  Reaction enhancers + wired reflexes is my recommendation.  If you lack the essence, I'd go with the drug Jazz before I'd go with synaptic accelerator.

You're really going to want some extra help on the damage mitigation front.  Armor is great, but a samurai is expected to shrug off damage like a fragging terminator.  Look into the bone lacing/bone density options.  Get dermal plating or orthoskin.  All that stuff helps.

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« Reply #2 on: <03-10-21/1535:42> »
A vehicle to carry that all around in.  No one wants to do a Shadowrun while having to take the bus.

And, if your character happens to be a Troll, there are some fine automobiles in the Krime Katalog!!!
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Some concealable weapons to take places where your arsenal isn't allowed (don't miss the gear options in Hard Targets), and some nonlethal ammo options. You might think about a few everyday items that don't always show up on equipment lists, like duct tape and a basic multitool.


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« Reply #4 on: <05-25-21/0149:50> »
Take a look at the PACKS from Run Faster.... pre-prepared equipment lists, ready for you to grab and go instead of having to grumble through shopping. It includes two Basic Runner PACKS, one for someone super poo, one for the average Runner, and they include the stuff that you'll need for *most* people.


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« Reply #5 on: <04-01-22/0040:06> »
There's a slight discrepancy in character creation if you have 147 thousand left over. Is there a method to go back and change your priority choices, bumping either abilities or attributes?

You lose $200k, but you gain more to work with.

You also appear to have at least three weapon talents; it might be best to limit yourself to two.
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