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Rules and such / Modification of substitute items
« Last post by ronnielombard on <08-08-23/2211:35> »
Hi, In Street Wyrd, if the adjusted item is destroyed, can the replacement item be adjusted using the same Karma cost?

Rules and such / Re: Body Shop: Modular Cyberlimbs
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <08-08-23/2053:02> »
More Modular questions!

The Lower Body Replacement cyberware specifically allows for a Modular option, requiring two Modular Mounts on the lower body and two Modular Connectors on the legs or whatever part is equivalent to legs you have.

You can then swap in a pair of regular cyberlegs for days where you don't feel like being a centaur. These legs need a Modular Connector each. Okay, good so far.

So, do these cyberlegs ALSO cost their full Essence? Or is that taken care of by the Lower Body Replacement?

For that matter, if you have regular modular cyberlimbs, do you pay the Essence cost every time you swap to another limb?

Yes, this is hyperbole, but it's a consequence of an augmentation costing Essence even though it's not ever directly attached to your body.
Updated to the 6E rules!

Rules and such / Re: 6WC, Venom cost
« Last post by MercilessMing on <08-06-23/0805:23> »
Ok, the example is not obviously wrong, because one reading of this could be that there are 4 levels, each giving 2 power and each costing 2 karma.  That's actually how I read this now, after 10 mins of looking at this terribly written line.

Rules and such / 6WC, Venom cost
« Last post by MercilessMing on <08-06-23/0759:30> »
Pg. 119, How are you supposed to read the Power cost of the Venom quality?

Is it 2 karma per Power, or 2 Power per karma?

The example in the quality description is no help, because it prices it at a 1:1 ratio which is obviously wrong.
Errata / [SR6] Astral Ways errata
« Last post by MercilessMing on <08-06-23/0743:02> »
pg 144, Tandoran player characters have the Scales quality and a Tough Skin quality (functionally equivalent to Bark).  Scales quality is incompatible with other dermal qualities or modifications. (pg 130)
General Gaming / Re: Shadowrun: Takedown Boardgame
« Last post by tequila on <08-06-23/0528:26> »
Nice!  8)
General Gaming / Re: Shadowrun: Takedown Boardgame
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <08-05-23/0730:20> »
I added Sprawl Ops twice, so I can bring one to places without having to worry about breaking any nice kickstarter stuff. o,o

Oh and 3 coins. If I get one before Spiel 2024, I can use one to challenge CGL folks. XD
Errata / Re: [SR6] Sixth World Core Book Errata File
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <08-05-23/0609:44> »

[pg 272] Linguasofts - "Language Expert" is repeated twice for both Rating 3 and Rating 4.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Body Shop errata
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <08-05-23/0546:18> »

[pg 42] Skillsoft Subscriptions - no mention is made for if Linguasofts are included.
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