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Living Campaign and Conventions / Re: Living Shadowrun at Origins?
« Last post by FastJack on <05-18-23/0655:32> »
Here's the latest information for Shadowrun Missions.

Thanks.  So those Shadowrun missions are living?  Bummer about the limited Catalyst presence at Origins.  I hope that is not a sign of trouble for Catalyst.
 I am familiar with the game, and have the rules, so I don't know that I need a "build a runner" workshop, just the rules (like what's banned, any differences for living character creation vs. the book, etc.) so I can mull over my character ahead of the event.  They used to be a download, but I can't find it anymore.  Any chance you have a link?

Thanks chummer

Living Campaign and Conventions / Re: Living Shadowrun at Origins?
« Last post by FastJack on <05-17-23/1559:42> »
Catalyst is having a limited presence at Origins this year, with a limited Demo Team presence as well. There are a lot of Shadowrun Missions (the living campaign setting) listed, as well as "Build a Runner" workshops through the convention.

Catalyst announcement: link

Origins Missions Events: link
Living Campaign and Conventions / Living Shadowrun at Origins?
« Last post by archamedius on <05-17-23/1526:53> »
Hey all, not sure if this is the right place (or if anyone is actually reading this forum) but I am attending Origins this year, and its my first time since before the pandemic I've been able to attend.  I've been a shadowrun player in the past, love the system and wanted to use Origins to get to play.  I noticed there are a lot of shadowrun events, are those living campaign missions?  If so, where can I find the rules for character creation for a living campaign?  The old website seems to be defunct also.  Could someone kindly point me to where to get started and if there is still a living Shadowrun ecosystem at Origins?

Thanks a ton!

Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Returning Gm with some questions
« Last post by Fin-man on <05-17-23/1326:33> »
Thanks to everyone for the answers!  Trying again this weekend, and we'll see if this one goes better. 
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by ShroudedSciuridae on <05-17-23/1236:49> »
P. 63, Cyber Spike
"Make an Electronics + Resonance test vs. the traget's Body + Essence (rounded down)"
Issue: Rounding presumes this should be "Essence/2 (rounded down)"
Correction: Add correct divisor
Errata / Re: Shadowrun Sixth World Errata
« Last post by ShroudedSciuridae on <05-17-23/1231:36> »
Issue: Matrix Signature is mentioned a few times, but is never actually explained. Looking back it seems the last explanation was in Anniversary Edition, consisting of a paragraph blurb.
Correction: Add updated blurb
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Returning Gm with some questions
« Last post by MercilessMing on <05-16-23/1344:34> »
We rule that Drain is a damage resistance test.  We consider any test where you're going to fill in boxes on your CM to be a damage resistance test.  Defense tests are not damage resistance tests.

1)  Does a character being attacked multiple times reduce your dice pool?  (Holdover from 5E, maybe?)
No, but there is a spiritually similar mechanic in 6th: You can add to your Defense pool with Block and Dodge actions, but doing so costs a Minor action.  In this way, attacking someone multiple times degrades their defenses because they will run out of actions with which to bolster their dice pool.

Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Returning Gm with some questions
« Last post by Xenon on <05-15-23/0907:11> »
The blanket rule in SR6 seem to be that "When a row of boxes on a monitor is filled, the character takes a 1 dice pool penalty to all tests except Damage Resistance.

Beyond this there might be tests where applying wound modifiers don't make a lot of sense or tests in the books where wound modifiers explicitly don't apply (like your natural recovery test).

It seems plausible that it is harder to avoid getting hit if you are already hurting while resisting the damage value of drain seem to fall under "Damage Resistance" (and is not affected by wound modifiers).
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Returning Gm with some questions
« Last post by Aria on <05-15-23/0804:21> »
I would agree with the assessment about drain being a test that isn't modified by damage (although not sure I can cite the rule)

Defense tests do get modified by damage... much harder to dodge when your leg is broken (but again not sure I can point you to the RAW text for that)
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