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Ex-Street Samurai

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« on: <06-07-11/1755:43> »
I am LOOKING FOR WORK in a play by post game.
- I have never played play by post
- I'm looking to play an infiltrator/gunslinger or street samurai
- I only have the base book
- I can make a character if need be
- I am very committed to playing
- And I am on 11am-8pm on weekdays and 11am-12pm on weekends

-Ex Street Samurai


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« Reply #1 on: <06-08-11/0632:27> »
As am I, got a couple of runners loaded into the Black Book, can play a tech specialist / B&E man or a hacker or could put together something else, I'm a bit sketchy on magic though.

Can get to a comp to post everyday and often several times a day (desk job)

I have access to most of the books as well


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« Reply #2 on: <06-08-11/0700:30> »
Just keep an eye on the forum and hope/wait for a post that has "RECRUITING" or something the like in the title.
That's about all you can do... I assure you, you're not the only ones doing so.