[5e IC] Seventh House [2076 Game Thread]

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[Thursday June 17th, 2076, ~23:30, Citadel Game Host, Seattle]

Aria trailed her fingers through the limpid waters of the resonance pool and watched as Summer’s persona left the host with a resigned shrug.  Left alone in the strange garden at the top of the edifice that represented her domain she mused on the vagaries of fate and what their meddling had achieved, or hadn’t, so far to divert the impending crisis.  Damn, there was a new locus in play in London, their plans would have to be adjusted again.  It was Guthrie, it had to be…he shouldn’t even be in London, Silk had been supposed to whisk him away by now on their grand adventure.  Somehow he had slipped through the net and got work with another fixer.  She would perhaps have to nudge Silk back on to the path but that could wait, the other member of their little conspiracy had his power base in London and he had plenty of influence in London Below, perhaps he could stop this thread from unravelling…

[Thursday June 18th, 2076, ~15:30, Earl’s Court, London Below, London]

@Dolly and Shahin

Well that meeting had been an eye opener and no mistake.  Collaboration between the Great Houses wasn’t unheard of, but rarely did three work together on something and so your meeting in the Courts of the Holy, representatives of the House of Pain, proved, as if there was any real doubt, just how far the Old One’s influence spread in Below.

Looking at you through hooded eyes, their reptilian nature clear to see, the Old One had Searched you and was clearly satisfied with what he saw.  The job was frustratingly vague on the details, but then one didn’t question this power behind the throne witout a seriously good reason…

[Thursday June 18th, 2076, ~15:30, Nightside Market, London Below, London]


The word is that the overworlders, what’s left of them, have returned to the surface and that is a weight off your mind.  Unfortunately there is also the rumour that the House of Flowers managed to split some of them up and leave them wondering mindless in Below.  They wouldn’t go so far as to kill them, not their style, but they won’t be the same…and from the description one of those had to be Nitro.  Whether you owe him, or he owes you, is a matter for karma and fate to decide, but at least a little part of you feels some obligation to him…


You wake up with a pounding headache, a weird taste in your mouth and the persistent whine of the Bumblebee's rotas.  Well you weren't dead, and whoever did this left you your shit... even the dog brain on the drone had clearly followed you without any other orders, it's vid feed might even give you some clue as to what the hell had just happened...but standing up is definitely not something you want to do in a hurry as the world lurches and spins around you...ah well, the floor's not too cold...






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Nitro groaned as he cradled his head in one hand, his brain feeling like it had been replaced with an over-ripe melon far too large for the space it occupied. Fighting down the nausiating pain he tried to focus. The last thing he remembered was the virtual meeting as he drank the terrible soycaff down here...

Nitro paused to spend a minute swearing at himself for letting himself get drugged like that. His focus had been split so much between the virtual meet, surveillance and watching the entrance with the Bumblebee that he'd not questioned the taste of the soycaff.

He glanced up at the hovering drone, groaning again as this spent the world spinning once more. Closing his eyes and letting his head settle he contemplated his next move. The drone's sensors would be an obvious place to start, so obvious that he dismissed it as a first place to look, as anyone looking to cover their tracks could easily have erased its memory while he was out.

No, first he would focus on something not immediately apparent, something someone would need to have intimate knowledge of his augmentation systems to fool. His eyes still closed he accessed the Orientation System wired into his brain, many of the systems where passive so he should be able to work out where he had been while he was out.

This done he slowly dragged himself into a sitting position, cradling his throbbing and spinning head as he accessed the sensors of his various drones as well as the backups on his RCC. He wasn't expecting much, but what was and wasn't missing would tell him a lot.

[spoiler]OK so this will be slightly interesting depending on if this counts as an urban environment or not. If it does, I gain +3 to my roll (+2 from specialization, +1 from City Slicker) if it doesn't count as an urban area however I lose -1 dice to the roll. The easiest way to do this is I'll do the roll making the assumption this counts as an urban environment, if it doesn't then simply remove 4 dice from the result. Now, technically with an Orientation System installed I only need to make a single success to be able to re-trace my path... this is of course assuming they didn't know about and mess with the system. (like for instance having access to the files from the cyberware clinic). OK, enough rambling.

Navigation Test - Where have I been and where am I?
Navigation 2 + Intuition 4 + Urban Specialization 2 + City Slicker 1
Navigation Test: 9d6t5 8 hits
Mental Limit 5 + Orientation System bonus mental limit 2 = 7 hits count.

Again, this is assuming no-one fucked with his orientation system.[/spoiler]
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Fragging idiots!

Goodnight paced back and forth in the hotel suite she'd rented in Night's Bridge, just on the other side of the grand causeway from the court proper. After the clusterfrag with those surface-dwelling morons, she'd decided that discretion might be the better part of valor for a little while and relocated herself and a duffel bag of gear to environs she normally kept way the hell away from. Now the suite doubled as her home, the second bedroom set up with all of her magical lodge materials and her room functioning as a bolthole, with a modest sensor suite she'd picked up in Nightside hooked up to a pair of hypervelocity flechette mines she'd asked Erica to send her way.

Just when she'd gotten it set up the way she wanted, guardian spirits and high explosive and calculated lines of fire, she got the news that Nitro had gotten snagged, and by the degenerates of the House of Flowers, no less! She didn't trust those jackasses he was running with to come save him, but she couldn't just leave him to the monsters.

She shuddered, remembering being left to the monsters herself.

No.  No, she couldn't do it, even though it had been Nitro that had failed to save her when their positions were reversed, years and lifetimes and a thousand mental agonies ago. But that meant going to the House of Flowers. They were slave traders and drug dealers and hedonists, and that meant they might be open to a deal, but she couldn't just go into that poisonous place blind. She needed information.

Frag and a slotting half!

Sighing, she sent a message to her fixer, Erica, as well as Lily Angel, a stripper at Sinners and Saints in Hellbound, and Alex Morrissey, the Bartender and Owner of Strangefellows in Earl's Court.

++Hey, in a bit of a bind. Willing to pay favors or hard cash for information on anything relating to the recent goings-on at the House of Flowers++

The message sent, she went into her room to commence to begin the process of getting everything ready to head across the Bridge herself. As she pulled out her gear and began the process of stripping and cleaning the slivergun that had replaced the pisto she gave Natasha, she tried very hard not to think about the fact that she hadn't heard from her sister since the last time she'd seen the surfacers.


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[Thursday June 18th, 2076, ~15:30, Night’s Bridge, London Below, London]


Messages sent you are unsurprised to get Erica’s call, the speed makes you wince a little but you can’t avoid this conversation if you are going to help Nitro

“Goodnight?  There you are!  I’m not going to chew you out, you know what a mess this is!  Your rep will take a hit over this one, perhaps not down here, who cares about overworlders down here?  But with Torrent…things are going to be a little harder to get work top side for a bit.  Now I don’t know what other trouble you’ve been getting in to but there’s someone here to see you…can you come to my place?  I don’t want to say too much more. 

As for the Flowers, things are stirring…the overworlders embarrassed them and they might just have overreached themselves…the other houses can smell blood in the water!  The overworlders are gone now, those that managed to escape Below anyway, but that is only going to make things worse…for a while at least.  Come round and we can talk more after you’ve met my guest…”

[Thursday June 18th, 2076, ~15:30, Somewhere in London Below, London]


Fraggit, that damn cyberdoc must have sold out on you…some fragger has flashed your ‘ware and cleaned out the logs of the drone and your control deck…why the hell anyone would bother with all that when a bullet to the cerebellum would be more effective is anyone’s guess…and perhaps right now you’d rather not guess what they, whoever they are, might have in mind for you.  That leaves you with the conundrum of where you are and how to get back to what passes for civilisation around these parts.  As your head clears you are able to take stock of your surroundings… you appear to be in a disused sewer outlet so hopefully you aren’t too far below the surface.  You are in the leg of a tee section, behind you the wall has several inflows that are too small for you to use, the dripping water at least doesn’t smell foul which is a relief.  The intersection ahead is the only way out then…and there you see your guard…a pimple cheeked adolescent who has wedged himself up against the side of the pipe to drift off into whatever dream land the chemical fog from the pipe he was smoking has taken him to…the left side of his is covered in nanotats that show a gently weaving thorn vine that slowly puts forth a rosebud which then blooms, rather disturbingly drips blood, falls and resets…

Time to get some answers!

[Thursday June 18th, 2076, Citadel Game Host, Seattle]

Summer had returned to Aria’s domain to help the witnessing of their efforts in London…if they didn’t divert the path of fate things could become chaotic indeed.  Things had been difficult before, now it seemed as if another architect was actively working against them…it was too abrupt a shift to be anything else.  The twisting threads of the Pattern were converging on a node that would seriously restrict the potential future choices from that point on.  It wasn’t too late, yet, a nudge here, a snip there and it might just be enough.

The Old One’s flickering persona stepped out from the tree lined portal at the centre of the garden and Summer demanded, with youthful abruptness “Have you spoken to her?  Is it started?”

“Patience, she is coming, we will see.  She will not like it but I believe she will take the challenge…” 

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