[OOC] Honest to god milk runs, Part 4- (Gone Fed)

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Ok, folks, the three runners selected for this simple mission are...

1- Deputy, Four armed Elven Street Sam, created by Souffle Girl
2- Hax, Human Decker, created by Raiden
3- Toothpick, Ork Street Sam, created by Obidancer

Welcome to Jacksonville, Old Jack City as the locals call it. It's hot 10 months out of the year, during which it rains at 3 o'clock every day for about 20 minutes to an hour, but sometimes for days. For the other two months, its just as wet, but cold. Really cold. Like, right next to the Atlantic ocean cold. Never QUITE cold enough to freeze for longer than a day at a time, leaving the place choked in a layer of slush the entire time. It's one of the oldest cities on the continent, and as far as land space goes, THE largest. It's got a port and a naval base, but neither one are of much importance. There are far better places on the shore for both those activities than here, so there's not many jobs at the port and not many tips from the sailors.

Due to the geographical uniqueness of the place, being a city, more or less surrounded by rivers and swamps, it can be a little tricky for newcomers to get around. If you're not on autopilot, expect to make NAV rolls, and expect them to be harder if you lack the Area Knowledge: Jacksonville skill. Naturally divided into little sections by rivers and the bridges that run over them, it's an incredibly segregated place. You're NEARLY as likely to be accosted for "walking while squish" as you are for "driving while trog" It's also very religiously intolerant. You will NOT be hired for most conventional 9-5 jobs, no matter how minor if you are openly non-christian. Even among christians, Non-southern baptists are viewed with suspicion, although not outwardly scorned.

Most people here are lazy as shit. The mayor, the clergy, the workers, the drug dealers, the cops, the strippers, the soldiers, the gang bangers, the garbage men, you name it. Something about the heat just fucks with people's priorities. Whether you fall into the same category as the rest or not is ALL up to you, but I felt it bared mentioning that things are WAY more laid back in Old Jack City than in Chicago, Seattle, or Denver. A good place for a person, new to the shadows to get their feet wet. An even BETTER place for an experienced runner, trying to lay low, but still make a little cash to keep the belly full while on the lam. And it's a perfect place for new relationships to be born and for old ones to die. Something about the forceful salty wind that comes off the beach has a way of eroding everything in time.

Here's some basic info on the main large gangs in the area.

1- Red five: a go gang from the Atlantic beach area, They're mainly about extortion, smuggling, and mayhem for the sake of fun. Wear red X's and talk in star wars lingo. has no "official" leadership, but a guy who calls himself "Grand Moffuckin' Tarkin" seems to have a lot of pull with the rest of the squad. moreso than most, probably just cause he has the biggest balls.
2- Krubb Force: a primarily goblin gang from the emerson/phillips highway area. Drugs, gambling, prostitution. No identifying markers, but they only speak or'zet, and with a heavy local dialect, so non-members are fairly easy to root out. Locals ONLY.  Headed up by an aging ork called Twine. He's smarter than he is ruthless, which is considerable. He runs the group almost like a business and so has several lower ranking officers as well as division heads and project managers.
3- Dixie Sisters Gang: A largely human inbred family run gang in the westside. Specializes in drug manufacture, manufacture and modification of illegal gear, chop shops, etc. All keep Green bandanas somewhere on their person. headed up by Jolene and Tammy Dixie, two hardcore old human ladies, chromed to bejeezus and mean as hornets.
4- Hermanos: An all awakened and spanish speaking gang that runs riverside efficiently and with nearly no violence. They're all about protection rackets, gambling, and extortion. run by complete democracy with no leaders of any sort.

Unknown by anyone outside gang circles, but suspected by some who care in police and the media, there has been a somewhat official gang truce in effect for almost 10 years now, with profits soaring for everyone involved.

I would like each of you three, in whatever order you choose, to post up your character sheets as well as backstory and BRIEF physical appearance (once they're finished) before anyone posts anything else. We can keep chatting in the recruiting thread until then.
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HEYO! one thing I forgot to ask.. is this 4E or 5E?


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« Reply #2 on: <04-12-15/0235:53> »
Street Name: Toothpick
Name (as per his fake ID): Jake Harper

Life Module Progression:
UCAS Born > Street Urchin > Gang Warfare > Ganger > Tour of Duty (UCAS Special Forces) > Shadow Work (Street Sam)


BOD  9
AGI  5(7)
REA  5(8 )
STR  5
WIL  4
LOG  3
INT  5
CHA  2
EDG  3
ESS  0.8

Toughness (9)
Black Market Pipeline (10)
Quick Healer (3)
Hawk Eye (3)

Code of Honor (Protect the Principle)



Perception     +7 (visual)+10  DP 12(15)
Running        +4          DP 9
Gymnastic      +4          DP 11
Swimming       +1          DP 6
Free-Fall      +1          DP 10
First Aid      +2          DP 5
Leadership     +1          DP 3
Negotiation    +2          DP 4
Intimidation   +4          DP 6
Demolitions    +2          DP 5
Piloting Ground Craft +3   DP 11
Pilot Watercraft      +1   DP 9
Armorer       +1           DP 4
Escape Artist +1           DP 8
Sneaking      +4           DP 11
Palming       +1           DP 8
Disguise      +1           DP 6
Computer      +2           DP 5
Software      +1           DP 4
Hardware      +1           DP 4
Tracking      +1           DP 6
Survival      +3           DP 8
Navigation    +1           DP 6
Pistol +6                          DP 13(15)
Longarm +6                         DP 13(15)
Automatics +6 (machine pistol)+8   DP 13(15) Machine Pistol 15(17)
Heavy Weapons +2                   DP 9(11)
Blade +7 (knife)+9                 DP 14 Knife 16
Clubs +3                           DP 10
Unarmed Combat +7                  DP 14

Firearms skill group +6 (Broken)
Cracking Skill Group +1 (Hacking, Cybercombat, Electronic Warfare)  DP 4

Used Titanium Bone Lacing  (22,500 - 1.88)
Used Orthoskin (4)         (18,000 - 1.25)
Alphaware Datajack         (1,200  - 0.08)
User Reaction Enhancer (3) (29,250 - 1.13)
Alphaware Smartlink        (4800   - 0.16)
Muscle Toner (2)         (64,000 - 0.4)
Platelet Factories       (17,000 - 0.2)
Sleep Regulator          (12,000 - 0.1)

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