[IC] Horizon AFOC: Lights! Camera! Action!

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« Reply #480 on: <09-12-13/0317:07> »
Meanwhile, Rafa quickly searched the bodies for anything of interest. Then rushed to the Rover to grab his gear and see if it'd still drive.
No way in hell am I touching any more drones today.

Quote from: OOC
Active Perception (14d6.hits(5)=5)


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« Reply #481 on: <09-18-13/0807:34> »
During those 10 IP:
matrix perception (only need 1 hit to get access ID again)
computer 4 + analyse 6 - 2 wounds =8 (8d6.hits(5) =3)

spoof command (land and shut down)
hacking 4 + spoof 6 - wounds 2 =8 (8d6.hits(5)=1)
not much this time  :(
let's try this again for the following 8 IP I have left:
hacking 4 + spoof 6 - wounds 2 =8
(8d6.hits(5)=2, 8d6.hits(5)=1, 8d6.hits(5)=5, 8d6.hits(5)=1, 8d6.hits(5)=6, 8d6.hits(5)=1, 8d6.hits(5)=2, 8d6.hits(5)=1)

time for defense rolls.

After a while one of the drones seem to start following the command issued by Panther.

As the First drone starts to Land Panther switches her attention to the next, but just a few seconds later there are 3 shots fired, reminding  you of the end of the attack team, this time it was the Drones who met the end at the end of a large barrel. In the distance you can hear one more shot fired, then there is a crash heard.

Rafa in the mean time Finds com-links, Hpistols and 3 AK's, one sword and one shotgun, there seem not to be any identification or cred-sticks on them.

While both you are occupied a BMW makes a appearance and a young Asian human gets out of it. "You need to vanish quick, the Pubseq is is just around the corner."
And throws the keys at Rafa.

You also hear that the Sirens are getting much closer.

Quote from: OOC
Rafa can search for more specific items as well. say just what more kind of items you are interested.
Pilot 3 + firewall 3 (6d6.hits(5)=2,
6d6.hits(5)=3, 6d6.hits(5)=1, 6d6.hits(5)=1, 6d6.hits(5)=1, 6d6.hits(5)=3, 6d6.hits(5)=2, 6d6.hits(5)=1, 6d6.hits(5)=2)

If the Small drone is damages by destruction of the Rotordrone, 1 - destroyer, 2 - damaged, 3-6 no damage. (1d6=3)
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« Reply #482 on: <09-18-13/0838:28> »
Rafa tossed the stuff he found into the trunk of the car, grabbed his backback out of the totaled Rover and got behind the wheel.
"Alright, guys and girls, fun's over!", he shouted. "I'm leaving. Now."

Like I said, he's just looking for anything that grabs his attention or might be useful. He'll sort the stuff out later.
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« Reply #483 on: <09-18-13/0923:00> »
Panther gave her Dragonfly the command to come back to her and follow them as she got into the new car.  Eyes in the sky was never a bad idea, especially now one of their team was wanted by a AAA.  She left the shot down drones where they were.  Although tempting, she wouldn't be able to do much with them unless she repaired them, and she didn't have the tools with her at the moment.  Also the way things were going here, they would probably disappear anyway.
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« Reply #484 on: <10-14-13/0542:31> »
Ahuechei holstered his pistol and got on his bike without delay. As soon as they got out of that cursed place, the better.
"Let's go someplace safe, I'd rather not be shot at today."
Following the car, he observed the other vehicles carefully, just in case they were followed.
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